Dina Tarek Elessawy, UAE: I will never settle in my search for better

Dina Tarek Elessawy, from our Dubai office, on why she signed up for running the Belt and Road

From 17 February eight of our staff will embark on a challenge never attempted before. They will make history by taking part in a 90-day Belt & Road Relay across 44 markets where we have a presence along the Belt & Road. Dina is representing our ‘Africa & Middle East’ region.

I love a challenge 

I wanted to run the Relay, because I believe that we should continue to try and better ourselves to reach our full potential. This is something that has helped me progress throughout my life, and Never Settle is also one of the Bank’s core values.

Belt and Road is important to our clients

I’m a Relationship Manager, so I know how much the Belt and Road matters. The Relay will help show our commitment to the initiative and how we can use our footprint and market strength to support clients.

Cairo, my home town, is on the Relay route

I’m looking forward to visiting all the markets. Each one has its own charm and each running experience will have its unique character, feeling and state of mind.

Last year I completed the Inca Trail in Peru

It took three days to trek 43km and reach a high altitude of 4,200m above sea level. It was a breath-taking experience both literally and metaphorically.

This is my first running event

My normal exercise routine includes high intensity workouts, hiking and water sports. Running is a different type of exercise for me, but I know I can do it.

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