Serena Leung, Hong Kong: We are making history

Serena Leung, from our Hong Kong office, tells us why the Relay is the opportunity of a lifetime

From 17 February eight of our staff will embark on a challenge never attempted before. They will make history by taking part in a 90-day Belt & Road Relay across 44 markets where we have a presence along the Belt & Road. Serena is representing our ‘Greater China & North Asia’ region.

I am excited to be running the Relay 

Not only will I be travelling through so many markets, especially the ones in Africa, but I will also be getting the precious chance of meeting local communities for first-hand cultural exchanges. Running the Relay will be a personal challenge for me. We will be making history, this is an opportunity of a lifetime, and I am honoured to be part of the team.

I work out every day before work

I do this because I wanted to set a promising positive start every day while improving my wellbeing, sustainably – and meaningfully.

I completed my first half marathon in 2017 

I was determined to complete the race. At the halfway point I got cramps and my earphones stopped working, but I reminded myself how proud I would be when I had finished. That’s the mindset that gets me through every single race, marathon or workout.

I have trained hard for this

My regular sports include boxing, swimming, weight training, spinning and yoga, but I have been spending more time on endurance training by running 10km every other day, as we will be doing during the Relay.

I want to challenge myself further

I have tried a number of adventure sports such as sky diving, glacier trekking and scuba diving. After numerous adrenaline rushes, I would like to be back on the ground and I am keen to do more hiking, and the Inca Trail is on my bucket list.

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