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Meaningful data products: Custodians enhance their solutions

20 Apr 2022

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Clients, irrespective of whether they are global investment banks, custodians, broker-dealers, asset managers or institutional investors, are all facing their own unique challenges. In order to stand out from their peers amid this difficult macro environment, many institutions are leveraging data solutions as a means by which to augment their investment returns and obtain operational alpha, namely the extraction of value through operational efficiencies. Facilitating the smooth delivery of meaningful and useful data insights to clients are sub-custodian banks. However, the dissemination of data to clients is not always a straightforward exercise, requiring time, local market knowledge, commitment and investment in technology. The sub-custodian providers equipped with intelligent data strategies and a desire to embrace technological innovation will be in a strong position to win mandates and grow market share.

This article was written for the original publisher and copyright holder, The Journal of Securities Operations & Custody of Henry Stewart Publications LLP.

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