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Our teams

Our Technology and Technology Transformation team enables the Bank to achieve its strategic ambitions, by driving enterprise level programmes of change. We are responsible for all group systems, development, and technology infrastructure.

Cyber Defence

Searching for a career with high visibility, a steep learning curve and the opportunity to change the future of a global business? You’ve found it. Join our Cyber Defence team and you’ll be given the resources you need to protect our most valuable assets – our people and our products. It’s a demanding job.

Our security needs are broad, unique and constantly evolving. That’s why you’ll have the freedom to work autonomously and enjoy access to resources like cyber hub, our dedicated learning programme. Get ready to pioneer better, faster and safer ways to enhance our resilience against threats while keeping our business moving forward. 

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Technology Operations & Support

Our Technology Operations & Support team are the backbone of our organisation. Driven by talented people who are constantly striving to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction, this team build efficient processes, ensure that we consistently provide a quality service, and are responsible for implementing new technology and tools to help achieve this.

You’ll be part of a global, purpose-led business with the resources to support your unique career aspirations. This is your opportunity to solve complex problems, drive innovation and change, to help us achieve our strategic ambitions. 

Data Centre Management

As part of our Data Centre Management team, you’ll be responsible for smooth operations of our global Data Centres, ensuring the security of all the Bank’s data.

Join a team that will allow you to continuously innovate in a growing area that offers limitless opportunities for career development. This is your opportunity to upskill and deepen your learning, work with flexibility and have your voice heard.

Event, Incident & Problem Management

Our Event, Incident & Problem Management team are committed to identifying, analysing and resolving complex problems in order to maximise the Bank’s efficiency and effectiveness and accelerate our digital transformation.

Join us and propel your career forward by driving large scale, meaningful programmes of change from day one. So bring your expertise and out-of-the-box thinking, and experience exceptional opportunities, with endless potential. 

Identity & Access Management

A career in Standard Chartered’s Identity and Access Management team is ever evolving, multidimensional and complex work to ensure the successful management of all identity risks. It remains a top priority for the Bank and requires forward thinking problem solvers who thrive on building solutions to difficult problems.  

Join us and you’ll find diverse paths, projects and people that inspire you to think outside-the-box and enhance our resilience against threats while moving the Bank’s strategic agenda forward. 

Infrastructure Engineering & Operations

Our Infrastructure Engineering & Operations team are responsible for the Bank’s systems, development, and technology infrastructure and enjoy a strong engineering culture. We provide group-wide technology capabilities, including cloud data, IT service management, incident management and end user services. 

If you’ve got the expertise to take our platform and infrastructure to the next level, we’ll help you channel that passion into a rewarding career path where you can make a real difference. Together, let’s transform the banking industry. 

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Network Engineering & Operations

Career development is key to our Network Engineering & Operations team. From security and server administration, to WAN (wide area network) roles and NOC (network operation centre) engineers, we have a diversity of career paths to build from.

You’ll have the freedom to decide the different ways you want to grow – whether that’s by gaining diverse skills on a new project or deepening your expertise on innovative tech. Join us and you’ll find diverse paths, projects and people that inspire you to think outside-the-box and change the way people everywhere experience our products and services. 

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Service Management

Our Service Management team is responsible for ensuring that the Bank’s IT systems are fit for a growing, future-ready organisation. The team develop recovery and restoration capabilities and continuously upgrade underlying infrastructure.

This is your opportunity to work with innovative technology that’ll prepare us for the future and propel your career forward. You’ll have your voice heard, work with flexibility and be recognised for your contributions.  

Our Operations team is responsible for ensuring that the Bank operates with seamless execution, settles a variety of complex financial transactions through data driven decisions, process simplification and automation and by ensuring our internal and external stakeholders needs are met.  

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Conduct, Financial Crime & Compliance Surveillance Monitoring & Investigation

Legal risks. Reputational risks. Financial and operational risks. You could use your expertise to help safeguard our business from it all. Join our Conduct, Financial Crime & Compliance Surveillance Monitoring & Investigation team and you’ll be a gatekeeper to the financial system and fight crime.

This opens up exciting opportunities to work on complex cases, collaborate on a global scale and be part of major breakthroughs. You’ll have the flexibility, freedom and trust to get the job done. From identifying suspicious activities to understanding compliance policies and global regulations, you’ll do meaningful work that keeps our business and communities safe.

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Cash Operations

Cash Operations is of huge strategic importance to the Bank, ensuring the success of Transaction Banking and assisting in daily operations to ensure processes and standards are consistently met.

Roles in Cash Operations gives you huge learning opportunities across numerous markets and business areas, meaning you can choose to upskill, reskill, or deepen and specialise your existing knowledge. The wealth of career development options makes the Cash Operations team a great place for self motivated, client focussed individuals to start their career at Standard Chartered.

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Trade Documentary

Our Trade Documentary team is responsible for supporting the efficient execution of Trade Finance operations within the Bank.

The team are vitally important to the Bank’s core strategy, handling transactions globally and minimising risk. You’ll be part of a global, purpose-led business with the resources to support your unique career aspirations. This is your opportunity to solve complex problems, drive innovation and change, to help us achieve our strategic ambitions.

Financial Market Operations

Our Financial Market Operations team partners with our sales and product colleagues to play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless execution and settlement of complex financial transactions. By removing inefficiencies and complexity, we’re responsible for delivering a positive client experience and leading transformational change.

It’s challenging, strategically important work, and you’ll continuously innovate to ensure we stay at the forefront of technological industry trends. Join our team to build your career at the very heart of the financial industry.  

Priority Banking: Expert advisors

Wealth Management

We partner with the Wealth and Retail Banking (WRB) business and take pride in providing our clients with a superior and user-friendly experience. We help to unlock global investment opportunities by providing a multitude of support services, including dedicated world class technology and software.

It’s complex, interesting work that enables our teams to unlock innovation and help drive success while growing their career in the direction that suits them.

Retail Banking

The Retail Banking team supports our Private Banking business to deliver an outstanding service to their clients. Our client-first mentality means we approach work with a growth mindset by encouraging our team to continuously improve the way we do business by challenging the status quo and being change champions.

Working across three operational excellence hubs, we have highly skilled teams with deep technical knowledge in daily banking and a breadth of interchangeable and transferable skills. As we operate in such diverse environments, we encourage our teams to bring their whole selves to work, and encourage mobility across teams and geographies, which supports individuals to build their skills, knowledge and grow their career.

Client Due Diligence

Be our the first line of defence. Join our Client Due Diligence team and you’ll tackle any potential risks to keep our business safe. From understanding our clients expected banking activities to combating fraudulent ones, the work you do will be complex and interesting.

You’ll be trusted to take on challenging projects that stretch your skills, locally and globally. And you’ll experience the opportunities and rewards that come with protecting an international bank with a long history of helping people prosper.

Client Management

If you’re motivated by providing outstanding service to clients, then our Client Management team could be the perfect fit for you. We ensure seamless delivery for all our clients across different processes and services.

You’ll learn about the whole client lifecycle and be given the opportunity to build on your specific skills and experiences to drive your career in a direction that suits you. At the same time you’ll have the autonomy you need to drive change, ensuring we are continuously innovating to develop the banking that everyone needs to thrive in the future. 

Two women work on a sustainable finance deal.

Client Support Services

Our Client Support Services team are integral to the Bank’s success. We work closely with clients to provide professional advice, resolve issues and ensure that we identify opportunities to optimise our client experience with the use of new tools and technologies.

You’ll be motivated by finding solutions to complex problems, you’ll thrive in a learning environment and you’ll be given the flexibility, freedom and trust to get the job done.

The world of technology is ever-changing and as a leading bank, it is imperative that we stay up to date with the latest advancements.

Lavy – Global Head, Cyber Security Operations
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