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Career development through the talent marketplace

Susmitha took advantage of our AI-enabled platform to upskill and gain experience in multiple areas of HR

As the nature of work continues to evolve, so must employees. Research shows that people who have a variety of skills and can perform multiple roles will be the most valued in the future workplace.

In order to support colleagues’ development, we have put in place enablers such as technology and collaboration tools to enhance teamwork and innovation – technology that can make people’s experience of work more human, and give them to opportunities to up-skill and re-skill to achieve their career aspirations.

‘Talent Marketplace’ is an AI-enabled platform for all colleagues, where they are able to connect their skills, experience and aspirations to short-term opportunities and mentoring partnerships. The platform empowers people to collaborate and drive innovation while advancing their career growth.

Susmitha had an enriching experience with Talent Marketplace. Read her story below.

Investing in professional development is important. I’ve benefited from it, and I know countless others will too

Up-skilling and network building

I’ve been with Standard Chartered for two years. I joined in India, in the HR function. At the same time as being excited to join, I knew I wanted to diversity my skills portfolio into different facets of HR, ranging from change management to diversity and inclusion.

On the Talent Marketplace, I was able to find amazing opportunities to do just that. I worked on many different projects through the platform, including a diversity and inclusion project on enhancing parental experience, and the ‘watercooler challenge’ – a way for colleagues to come forward with ideas around social connections in the hybrid working environment and collaborate to bring those ideas to life.

The projects I’ve worked on have helped me not just to upskill myself, but also to build up networks across the Bank, including in some areas I would not necessarily have otherwise worked in. In addition, I’ve built up a number of great mentoring relationships that will benefit me going forward.

I was really lucky to have these opportunities so soon after joining, and it’s amazing the Bank offers access to development opportunities to all its staff. Investing in professional development is important. I’ve benefited from it, and I know countless others will too.