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Vidya Viswanath – Championing women in tech for over 25 years following returning to the Bank

Vidya smashes glass ceilings as she continues to move from strength to strength in tech.

Uplifted by Standard Chartered’s commitment to diversity in the workplace, Vidya Vishwanath demonstrates how women can have a thriving career in STEM with the help of a supportive employer and a commitment to continuous learning.

What do you enjoy about working for Standard Chartered?

My career at Standard Chartered has enabled me to follow my dream of working with new technologies. As a woman in STEM, I have had to work hard to establish myself in the industry. Standard Chartered’s commitment to equality in the workplace is truly refreshing; I am heard, respected and treated equally to my male counterparts. Within four months of starting my role at Standard Chartered, my performance was recognised and I was given a promotion. My colleagues were wholeheartedly happy for me. We don’t compete with one another and the office isn’t a battleground – we are one big family that interacts with honesty, integrity and transparency.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career?

I believe we limit ourselves with the invisible boundaries we create around us. The technology field is very dynamic. Everyday there is something new introduced – a tool, a language, a strategy, hardware, integration, automation. After a point, I found myself in a role with oversight and strategy. For me to strategize, it was important for me to dabble in new tech. Hence each day I needed to learn something, I needed to continue to learn, to code, I needed to sharpen the axe to continue to be relevant. This helped me to be updated at every moment.

What are your goals for the future?

Definitely grow to the next level. I would want to contribute by solving problems using the latest technology.

What advice would you give to someone looking to work at Standard Chartered?

Opportunities to learn and grow at Standard Chartered are plentiful. I would advise anyone thinking of working at the Bank to let go of their rigidity and adopt a flexible approach instead. Be open to learning and reinventing yourself, as you never know what you are truly capable of until you have tried everything. Standard Chartered is a place of continuous learning where your contributions will be valued and respected. Perform your role at the level you want to get to and not where you are currently at, as in the long run, you will reap the rewards of your hard work.

How should someone prepare for an interview with Standard Chartered?

Understanding the job description is paramount for a successful interview. Identify your skills and how they would apply to what is requested, and most importantly demonstrate your abilities through your experience. Be free-thinking and creative in your approach to problems; individuals who think differently thrive at Standard Chartered.

Career journey


Head of Current Engineering and Testing (Servion)


Senior Manager, Testing (Standard Chartered)


Senior Manager, Testing (Infosys)


Executive Vice President, Offshore Delivery Centre (Scintel)


AVP, VMO, PSS, Programme Management (Standard Chartered)


Head Quality Engineering, Enterprise Technologies Data Technologies (Standard Chartered)