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Cash and Liquidity Management Guide for Corporates

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22 Oct 2019

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In this current era of disruption, treasurers are finding it more challenging than ever to put in place consistent treasury and cash management strategies. Typically, this is especially true in the emerging and high-growth economies of Asia, Africa and the Middle East – and exacerbated as they grapple with economic shocks such as 2020’s COVID-19 outbreak.

Yet even pre-outbreak, treasurers were dealing with constantly changing regulations arising from new free trade agreements, new trade barriers, ecommerce marketplaces, instant payments and other digital disruptions that have been changing the way businesses are organised.

Whatever the scale of disruption faced, treasurers need to consider the impact on cash management operations. These range from types of accounts which can be opened and how funds are collected and paid, through to strategic treasury management – such as how and where to concentrate cash and minimise borrowings, to optimise use of internally generated capital.

The dynamic nature of emerging markets poses both challenges and opportunities for companies seeking to optimise their treasury function – especially during such uncertain times.

With these developments, it is crucial that treasurers keep abreast of the relevant market information to enable them to optimise their treasury strategy and cash management operations. To this end, Standard Chartered and PricewaterhouseCoopers Singapore are excited to present the Cash and Liquidity Management Guide for Corporates, and the Double Taxation Treaty Handbook.

We hope these publications will provide a handy overview of some of the considerations and information that impact your cash and liquidity management today.

The guide aims to provide information which is not bank-specific and therefore does not reflect Standard Chartered’s presence or offerings in each market. For further information on Standard Chartered’s offering in each market, please reach out to your relationship manager.

To view a sample of the Cash and Liquidity Management Guide for Corporates, click here.

To view a sample of the Double Taxation Treaty Handbook for Corporates Withholding Tax, click here.

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