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Meet Mox – a new way to bank

We're Generation Mox

17 Sep 2020

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We’ve opened our digital doors to the people of Hong Kong and are inviting them to experience a completely new way of banking

If you’re already familiar with online and digital banking, then the basics of Mox – no branches, no queues, no fixed opening hours – will come as no surprise. But as you join, you’ll start to feel the real difference. With Mox, you can open an account from your mobile device within minutes and start banking a few clicks later. 

You can instantly move money, easily make a habit of saving with our Goals and Savings Calculator, earn interest and cashback daily and track all your financial activity in real time. These are just a few highlights of what you can expect with our new way of banking.  


When we created Mox we knew that we had to start with the customer first. We built it on deep research into customers’ rapidly changing behaviours and needs, by a team that is service-led, not product-led.

We surveyed 2,000 people in Hong Kong, and found out that consumers from all walks of life were under-served, having to endure extended wait times in branches, slow response times to their requests and often making do with a one size fits all approach. We saw an opportunity to bring a fully digital platform combined with instant service and rewards that people experience with other consumer and lifestyle brands to banking.

Mox represents a next generation of banking in Hong Kong, a cloud-based bank built entirely from scratch

From the ground up

It brings together the power of Standard Chartered, a well-trusted international bank that has been serving Hong Kong for more than 160 years, the city’s telecom and lifestyle leader PCCW and HKT and Asia’s largest online travel agency

Banks and FinTechs are fundamentally different from each other in the way they operate and in the range of factors they need to consider. Mox brings all the advantages you’d expect from a bank such as a robust regulatory, financial, compliance and risk modelling frameworks, security and reliability, together with many of the strengths you’d expect from a FinTech such as speed, innovation and client experience.

Banking changed for good

I am often asked how I will measure the success of Mox. There are our service KPIs, of course, and there are the expectations of our shareholders and stakeholders. But we are also going after heart share, rather than market share. As we make ourselves more relevant to customers’ daily lives, we believe the business will follow.

We are a company that builds trust. We are not a technology company, we are not a bank as many people would understand the term.

We have built a new bank, based on trust and on service

We’re thrilled to introduce Mox in Asia, which has proven to be fertile ground for the development of digital banking and we’re particularly excited to launch it in a recognised international centre such as Hong Kong.

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