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Group Chief Investment Officer

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Based in Singapore, Steve is an expert on the world economy and global markets. He has over 25 years of financial market experience in senior positions. His previous roles for the Bank include Chief Investment Strategist, Head of Global Markets (Southern Africa), Head of Research (Middle East and South Asia) and Chief Economist (SE Asia). Steve started his career at I.D.E.A. Ltd., a financial consultancy in London. While Steve is based in Singapore, he travels frequently around Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa to share his views with both clients and the media. Steve is originally from the UK, but has lived in Asia, Africa and the Middle East for the past 25 years. He has a Masters from the University of Liverpool.

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Taking biases out of investment decisions

We aim to help our clients recognise when their biases are at play and also make sure that our advisers…

Trade beyond borders | 17 Mar 2021

A brighter 2021

Four major factors will determine the outlook for equity markets: distribution of vaccines, outlook for government and central bank policies,…

Trade beyond borders | 14 Jan 2021

Can you bridge your wealth gap?

Our Wealth Expectancy report 2019 shows that six out of 10 savers will fall short of their retirement aspirations by…

Grow your wealth | 16 Dec 2019

The market correction that never happened

The equity market rally is now in its ninth year, which is an unusual trend – is a correction inevitable?

Grow your wealth | 15 Dec 2017

Global equities: can the bull run continue?

Equities remain in favour as the reflation rally spreads to Europe and Asia

Grow your wealth | 5 May 2017

US market moves into favour

Trump’s proposed policies have put US equity markets in the limelight

Grow your wealth | 31 Jan 2017

Forgiving debt: the short-term solution to boosting global growth?

Debt write-offs could buy significant time for governments looking to revitalise their economies

Trade beyond borders | 29 Jul 2016

Video: Navigating market risks

Quick guide to the biggest risks facing investors

Grow your wealth | 11 Jul 2016

Defensive play: hedging against rising uncertainty

Equity markets could be in for a downturn, calling for a balanced investment approach

Grow your wealth | 11 May 2016

Negotiating market risks

Diversification is still the key word for investors seeking to mitigate global uncertainty

Grow your wealth | 15 Mar 2016

Three inconvenient investment truths

The volatile start for investors in 2016 highlights the virtues of diversification

Grow your wealth | 1 Feb 2016

2016 – adapt to a changing landscape

With the investment environment poised to remain challenging in 2016, how should investors adjust their strategies?

Grow your wealth | 18 Dec 2015

Euro stocks are back in favour

Three reasons why we believe euro-area stocks are compelling amidst the market gloom

Grow your wealth | 12 Oct 2015

Investing in a deflationary world

In the current climate of falling consumer prices, what should investors do?

Grow your wealth | 30 Apr 2015

Stick with stocks

We remain bullish on Europe, US and Asian equities and expect them to outperform bonds over the next year

Grow your wealth | 3 Jul 2014