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Expanding my horizons: Jack’s story

Jack in front of Taj Mahal

1 May 2020

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Jack Duan, Relationship Manager, China Desk, Gurgaon, India

Since graduating from university about a decade ago, I’ve spent most of it away from my home city of Chengdu in China. I was working for the largest telco in China when I was offered my first role in Standard Chartered based in Lagos, Nigeria. The role was in the Transaction Banking business, looking after Chinese clients who did business with Nigeria. It was also my first role in Banking, and I was excited about moving to and gaining experience in a country and continent that was completely foreign to me at that time.

After two years in Nigeria, I moved back to China, and continued to build on my Transaction Banking experience, specialising in Securities Services. A few years afterwards, a really interesting opportunity to be the pioneering Relationship Manager (RM) for the China Desk in India came up. There has been a surge of Chinese investments into India, and Standard Chartered wanted to leverage the opportunity to optimise the investment opportunities. That’s where I come in. As a Commercial Banking RM with a good understanding of businesses in both markets, I am well positioned to serve my Chinese clients with our tailored banking products and services. I get a special thrill when I’m able to gain the client’s trust and win the account away from a competitor, and I build upon each victory and take it with me to better serve the next client.

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Like Nigeria, India is a country and continent that was new to me and living in Gurgaon lets me experience the people, places and culture first-hand, greatly expanding my world views along the way.

“During these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to remain in constant touch with my clients.”

Currently, because of the global pandemic, I am unable to travel to India. I remain in constant touch with my clients via email and phone to make sure they continue to feel supported by us during these uncertain times, and that their needs are still able to be met.

My seven years in Standard Chartered thus far has been made all the better by our caring, people-centric culture where each colleague really matters. Along the way, whether it be in Nigeria, China and now India, I was warmly welcomed and made many good friends along the way. Looking ahead, I am looking forward to new adventures ahead as I continue my journey with Standard Chartered.