Positive Living

We aim to reduce the spread new HIV infections by giving people the facts to make safe lifestyle choices.


Every day across the world, more than 6,000 people will contract HIV. It doesn’t matter where you live, and whether you’re young or old - HIV can impact everyone.

How we’re helping

Our HIV and AIDS education programme, launched in 1999, is an education and awareness programme that aims to reduce new HIV infections. Through HIV and AIDS education, we are providing the facts to promote safer lifestyle choices.

We have face-to-face workshops and mandatory e-learning to educate our employees. We cover the basic facts about HIV and dispel the myths and stereotypes. Our commitment to support our employees is outlined in our HIV and AIDS procedure.

In 2014, we began our partnership with the MTV Staying Alive Foundation to support projects aimed at young people in some of our most affected markets. Through our partnership we help fund HIV tests, condom distribution and HIV and AIDS education for youth. 

What’s next?

Bust the HIV myths

Education is key to reducing the number of new infections. Do you know the facts?

Get smart about HIV

HIV affects everyone

HIV impacts people across the world. Go on a virtual journey, and find out how.

View the e-booklet

World AIDS Day match

We teamed up with Liverpool FC to help raise awareness about HIV and AIDS.

More about the day

Sustainability Summary

Read our Sustainability Summary

We are committed to promoting positive social and economic development across our markets.


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