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Invoice Collections

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Invoice Collections

Collections via invoice can now be simple, convenient and efficient.  Adding QR codes to your invoices means you can do away with cheque collection, paving the way to a frictionless experience for both you and your customers.

Case study: Convenient collection of student fees with QR code embedded on invoices

Our client provides specialised training programmes, developing and supporting language education in the Southeast Asian countries. They wanted to provide convenient, hassle-free options for their students from different countries to pay their course fees.

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How we helped

We worked closely with the client to roll out a number of instant payment options for over-the-counter and online payments.  One of the latest implementations involves an API integration with the client’s enterprise system to generate electronic invoices with dynamic QR codes.  A student simply scans the QR code, reviews the pre-populated payment details and authorises the transaction on their mobile banking app.  Digitalising collections in this manner helps facilitate automatic reconciliation and moves the client away from less efficient manual processes.

How this solution works

Invoice Collections