A unique footprint: Jamie’s story

Managing the South Asia portfolio for Corporate Banking clients is a thrill for Jamie

Jamie Pejiu Lin,

Executive Director, Regional Head, China Desk, Global Banking


My mother told me that my mind was always travelling.  I’ve always had this strong desire to see the world.  Even though I am proud to be born in Taiwan China, I knew there were great opportunities abroad and I couldn’t wait to explore them.  In my 20-year career, I’ve only ever spent around 6 months working in Kaohsiung Taiwan.  Instead I’ve worked in Singapore, China, Hong Kong and India, and much of this has been while working for Standard Chartered.  The opportunities to live and work abroad while working for a bank that is committed to ‘Here for good’ is a big draw for me.

"My team and I play a crucial role in helping Chinese business expand and love playing my part.”

After I graduated, I took a role with Singapore Airlines in Singapore while many of my friends stayed in Taipei to develop their careers.  Suddenly I was working with people from all over the world.  I learnt so much and developed a deep level of cultural intelligence.  It showed me how to work with people from a different culture by keeping an open and respectful mind.  It was tough to start with but I believe these foundations set me up for my later career. It is a very useful skill to develop and means you have the necessary attributes to work successfully with anyone.

I’ve immersed myself in every country I have lived in, from the language to the food, music, art and history.  My first role at Standard Chartered was in Kaohsiung for only couple months and then seconded to Suzhou China but after 7 years I left for a new challenge.  I was away for around 5 years but I found myself back again last year after an opportunity presented itself within Global Banking in India. It was like returning to an old friend but the way the business is moving now is even more exciting.  There is a clear commitment to being a Purpose lead organisation as well as the commitment to fostering a culture of inclusion for its people.  I have an extraordinary portfolio to manage across our footprint.  What an opportunity to cover South Asia for our Chinese clients. I love it! My team and I play a crucial role in helping Chinese business expand and love playing my part. 

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