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My adventures: Therese’s story

Therese Neo

27 Dec 2018

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Therese Neo, Associate, Relationship Manager


After graduation, the banking industry was not my immediate choice. I attended many campus recruitment talks, waiting for inspiration, until I heard about the International Graduate (IG) programme at Standard Chartered. The overseas opportunities that the programme had promised sold me immediately and my application was lucky enough to be accepted. After a year of rotations within the Commercial Banking team in Singapore, I took a placement in Vietnam as a Credit Analyst. This was not a common choice but I was looking for adventure and I definitely found what I was looking for!

During my time in Ho Chi Minh City I made friends for life”

During my time in Ho Chi Minh City I made friends for life, ate grilled snails while seated on plastic stools on the sidewalk, scrambled my way up Fansipan Mountain in the cold and dark and embraced my pet-owner anxiety and adopted a kitten. I got caught in a downpour on the back of an Uber Moto, tasted the flavours of Vietnam, got drunk on the city’s sights and sounds. At times I felt alone, overcrowded, frustrated and rewarded. I look back at my time in Vietnam now with such fondness – the experience was just incredible.

I had planned on staying there for two years, however an opportunity too good to miss came up back in Singapore within Corporate & Institutional Banking so I returned home a few months shy of that milestone. Today I’m experiencing an adventure of a different kind. It’s been a massive leap into the unknown in this role and I feel like I’m still learning all the time. I never know what queries or client interaction is coming up so I must be prepared for anything. This means relying on the experience of my team mates a great deal but luckily, they support me every day.  As for the future, I’m looking forward to more adventures to come!

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