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A voice that’s valued: Ana’s story

Anahita Forughian

19 Dec 2018

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Anahita Forughian, Associate, Business Manager


Working at Standard Chartered is an experience that I’ll always keep close to my heart.  I feel like I’ve grown up here having joined as an intern in Singapore, progressed my career in Transaction Banking, before moving to the UK to join our Financial Markets business. I was so excited to move back to London, having spent my university years here, to rediscover the unique diversity, the culture and the experiences that are on your doorstep- it’s a dynamic city that has something for everyone.

You’re never too junior to bring about change”   

I’m a naturally curious person.  I love meeting new people and I’m intrigued to learn more about their stories. That’s probably why I was drawn to studying English Literature and Drama for my first degree at university, as it gave me the opportunity to fundamentally understand ‘people.’ I feel like I get the chance to do the same working here, and I’m excited to be surrounded by colleagues from diverse backgrounds and different ways of thinking.  Being unique is valued here- I feel lucky to work with people from all sorts of backgrounds, ethnicities, experience and education.  There’s something to learn from everyone, and understanding other perspectives enables me to make better decisions for myself and for the business.

As much as I listen to others, I know my voice is also valued.  This was made clear right from the start.  In my interview for my current role, I’m grateful that my manager recognised the value of cross-business experience and believed in the ideas and perspective I could bring to the role. Whilst Financial Markets has historically been a male-dominated sector, there is a conscious effort made by everyone to ensure an inclusive working environment so that the same opportunities are open to all in terms of training, development and promotion.

Having said that, of course it’s also down to you to empower your own career development. Your career is what you make of it.  I’m encouraged to create my own future and it’s clear that you’re never too junior to bring about change.

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