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Change in Finance Charges for Cash Advance and Effective Interest Rate Adjustment for Standard Chartered Credit Cards

With effect from 30 March 2020 (inclusive of this date), the following revisions will be made to Standard Chartered credit card accounts:

  • Finance charges for Cash Advance

Finance charges for Cash Advance will be revised to 0.082% per day (29.9% p.a.) from 0.077% per day (28% p.a.) on the amount withdrawn from the date of the transaction until the date of full payment.

  • Effective Interest Rate (“EIR”) adjustment (Late Payment) for Standard Chartered credit cards

The EIR applicable on your Standard Chartered credit card account(s) will be adjusted to 0.082% per day (29.9% per annum) from 0.077% per day (28% per annum) if the minimum payment due is not received in full by the next statement date.

For the first minimum payment due missed, the EIR will be reinstated to the prevailing EIR only after the minimum amount due is paid in full. For two or more minimum payments past the due date on a consecutive basis, the EIR will revert to 26.9% per annum. once the total minimum amount due for the relevant consecutive months, where your account was past due, is paid in full.

Please note that our prevailing Credit Card Terms and Credit Card Pricing Guide (a copy of which is found in the Credit Card Terms) will be amended accordingly and will take effect from 30 March 2020.