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Free yourself from higher interest payments with our Debt Consolidation Plan

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Free yourself from higher interest payments with our Debt Consolidation Plan

Debt Consolidation Plan with an affordable monthly repayment plan.

Get better control of your finances by consolidating all your debts into one simple loan and free yourself from paying high interest rate loans. On top of that, enjoy the convenience of a Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card for your daily expenses.


Lower interest rates

For illustration, EIR is calculated taking into consideration of $199 joining fee and based on average loan amount of $50,000


Tenure (years)
Applied Rate % p.a.
Effective Interest Rate % p.a.
3 4.98% 9.55%
4 5.68% 10.64%
5 5.68% 10.48%
6 5.68% 10.34%
7 5.68% 10.20%
8 6.00% 10.57%
9 6.88% 11.77%
10 6.88% 11.61%

AR: Applied / flat interest rate (from 4.98% p.a. to 6.88% p.a.)
EIR: Effective interest rate ( from 9.55% p.a. to 11.77% p.a.)

Fees & Charges

Joining Fee One time $199
Early redemption fee $250 or 3% of the outstanding principal, whichever is higher
Default interest Effective Interest Rate (“EIR”): 25.9% per annum (minimum).

If payment is not received in full by the due date, finance charges will be calculated on a daily basis at 0.071% from the respective transaction dates for all transactions to the date the payment is received.

Late payment If we do not receive the minimum payment as per indicated on your statements by the due date, a late payment charge of $80 will be charged to your Debt Consolidation Plan facility and/or Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card respectively.
Annual Fee For Standard Chartered
Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card
$192.60 (including GST) - perpetually waived

Please click here for more information on the Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card, including the applicable fees and charges (such as the finance charges and late payment fee)

Eligibility & Documents


  • Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Annual income: Minimum $30,000 to less than $120,000 per annum
  • Unsecured Outstanding balances: More than 12 times of monthly income
  • Age: 21 -65 years old

Application Documentation

  • NRIC (front and back)
  • Copy of latest credit bureau
  • Copy of the latest statements of your credit cards and unsecured credit facilities from Standard Chartered and Other Banks
  • Copy of latest income documentations

Important Information