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What is a Unit Trust?

A unit trust (or fund) is made up of money pooled from multiple investors and invested in a variety of assets to meet an investment objective. Learn more

Benefits of Investing in Unit Trusts


Achieve diversification across asset classes and geographies


Invest through a Regular Savings Plan starting from just $100 (in the currency of the unit trust)

Professionally managed

Typically, unit trusts are managed by a professional fund manager or a team of managers


Most unit trusts offer daily subscriptions and redemptions

Get started in 4 easy steps

  • Click ‘Apply Now’. Select whether you have a Current / Savings Account* with us or not and click ‘Next’.

  • Login via SingPass. Click ‘Ok, next’ to retrieve your data from MyInfo.

  • Complete all fields in the application and select ‘SC Online Unit Trust’.

  • Tick the boxes to confirm you have read the T&Cs. Click ‘Ok. Finish’ to complete the application.

Log-in to iBanking and start trading now.

New User – Single Mandate Account

New User – Joint Mandate Account

A unit trust (or fund) is made up of money pooled from multiple investors and invested in a variety of assets to meet an investment objective. Investors own units (or shares) which represent a part of the unit trust’s portfolio holdings. A fund can invest in securities such as stocks, bonds and/or other instruments. In Singapore, a unit trust may also be referred to as a collective investment scheme (CIS).

As with any investment, there will be associated investment risks involved, depending on the type of investment you choose. There is a possibility that you may lose part or all of the amount you have invested. You can also speak to our relationship managers to find out how investing in unit trusts can benefit your portfolio.

You can begin investing through our Online Unit Trust Platform for greater convenience, anytime and anywhere. You can apply for an account here. Alternatively, speak to our Relationship Managers at any of our branches or Priority Banking centres.

The minimum investment amount for unit trusts varies. Most of them require a minimum investment of only S$1,000 (refer to respective Fund Details), with subsequent amounts from as low as S$100. Investments can be made using cash, CPF or SRS monies. If you wish to invest in a systematic and disciplined way, our Relationship Managers will be able to help you set up a Regular Savings Plan (RSP).

With our RSP, you commit to investing a fixed amount of money on a regular monthly basis, on a recurring schedule, into a Fund of your choice. In addition to being a disciplined approach to investing, a RSP allows you to enjoy the benefits of Dollar Cost Averaging as you build up your investment position.

To set up a RSP, you may do so on our Online Unit Trust Platform. Alternatively, you may contact your Standard Chartered Bank Relationship Manager or visit any of our branches for assistance with this.

The monthly minimum investment amount needed to set up a RSP with us is $100 (in the currency of the Fund), but this amount may be higher depending on each Fund’s minimum regular savings plan amount. Please refer to the minimum regular savings plan amount set out in the relevant fund prospectus, as the minimum amount varies from Fund to Fund. The Prospectus can be located at the “Fund Details” page (Click “Fund Library”, Search for fund on “Fund Library” page, click “View Details” to find prospectus).

Please also note that you will still need to fulfil the Fund’s minimum initial investment amount prior to RSP set up. There is no minimum period that you have to invest for RSP.

If you are new to unit trusts, speak to our Relationship Managers who will help you identify your investment risk appetite and goals. Suitable unit trusts can be recommended based on your investment profile. You can also browse our extensive range of unit trusts online here.

Yes, you are able to transfer your unit trusts holdings to Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited provided these unit trusts are distributed by us. To execute the transfer, please contact your Standard Chartered Bank Relationship Manager or visit any of our branches for assistance (as this function is not available on our Online Unit Trust Platform).

A nominal upfront fee of 1.5% will be imposed. Please look out for our promotional rates that may vary from time to time.

Yes. You can check the foreign exchange rate indicated on the “Review” page before you submit the order. The same rate will be indicated on the “Confirmation” page upon trade submission. The same applies for other major currencies.

For detailed FAQs click here. You can also call 1800 242‐5333 for further assistance. If dialling from overseas, please call +65 6242‐5333.

You need to have the following:

  • 1.  An active Online Unit Trust account with the Bank. Click here to apply.
  • 2.  A valid settlement account in the denominated currency of the Unit Trust you wish to invest into.
  • 3.  Valid Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) where you have assessed to have knowledge and experience in transacting UT. If you do not pass the assessment, we regret to inform you that you will not be able to purchase unit trusts on the Online Unit Trust Platform. To find out more, click here.

Knowing the investment risks associated with each investment is important. When you invest in a unit trust, you should receive a factsheet and prospectus which details the risks involved. Some examples are (non-exhaustive):


Investment Risk – As with any investment, your investment value and dividends may go up, down or even be completely lost in extreme cases.


Foreign Exchange Risk – You should be aware that your investments can be negatively affected by foreign exchange risk if you hold unit trusts/ funds that invest in assets denominated in foreign currencies.


Potential Risks of Hedge Funds or Alternative Funds – These funds differ from traditional unit trusts in that they can undertake more risky investment strategies than traditional fund managers e.g. they may borrow to invest which can magnify potential losses.


Potential Risks of Derivatives (if applicable) – Unit trusts which invest in derivatives may have higher volatility. An investment in derivatives may result in losses that are greater than the principal amount invested. Derivatives are also subject to a number of risks including but not limited to liquidity, interest rate, market, counterparty and credit risk. It is important that you fully understand the nature and risk exposure before investing in derivatives.

Sales Charges

These are charges which are deducted from the subscription amount and paid to the distributor.


Switching Fees

Some unit trusts providers allow investors to switch internally to another unit trust from the same umbrella and a switching fee of approximately 1% will apply.


Recurring Fees

Annual management fees and other administrative fees will be charged by the fund house. While you do not pay these fees out of your own pocket, they are paid for by the unit trust and incorporated into the fund price, which will reduce the return that you get.

Please contact your dedicated Relationship Manager or find out more here.


^Monthly minimum investment amount to set up a RSP is $100 but may be higher depending on each Fund’s minimum regular savings plan amount. Please refer to the minimum regular savings plan amount set out in the relevant fund prospectus, as the minimum amount varies from Fund to Fund.

You should read the relevant prospectus before deciding whether to invest in a unit trust. Investments in unit trusts are not obligations of, deposits in, or guaranteed by, Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited or its affiliates. Unit Trusts are not available to US persons.

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You are fully responsible for your investment decision, including whether the product or service described here is suitable for you. The products / services involved are not principal-protected and you may lose all or part of your original investment amount. SCB will not accept any responsibility or liability of any kind, with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the information in this webpage.

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