Stretch your dollar with 0% interest instalment and low processing fee
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Wide usage

Enjoy interest-free instalments on all retail purchases, including shopping, travel, education, taxes, insurance premiums and more, both local and overseas with a one-time service fee.

Flexible instalment period

6 or 12 months

Ease of application

You can now beat the queue and apply online via Online Banking.
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Enjoy financial flexibility while you plan for your dream holiday, or pay your taxes, insurance premiums and more. Simply convert a transaction of at least $200 charged to your Standard Chartered Credit Card into 6 or 12 months interest-free instalments, with a one-time service fee.

Here's an illustration based on $3,000 charged to your card for a pair of air tickets to Paris.

EasyPay 6 months instalments 12 months instalments
Monthly instalment payment $500 $250
One-time service fee 5% ($150) 5% ($150)
Effective Interest Rate (EIR) 17.6% p.a. 9.5% p.a.

The rates reflected are for illustration purpose using service fee of 5%. Actual fee can be different and interest rates may be subject to change at the Bank’s discretion.

Ways to Apply

Log in to Online Banking

Select the relevant credit card transaction(s) and click "Submit EasyPay Request"



Call our 24-hour Phone Banking team at
1800 747 7000

EasyPay applications will be processed within 5-7 working days of submission and are subjected to the Bank's approval at its sole and absolute discretion. Terms and conditions apply.