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Temporary Credit Limit Increase

Gain financial freedom with a Temporary Credit Limit Increase for emergencies, your overseas travel, or wedding banquet

  • Apply for a temporary increase on your Credit Card Credit Limit to better manage your finance

  • Increased credit limit will be assigned to your credit card account(s) upon instant approval

  • An option from 16 to 60 days of validity for your increased temporary credit limit

^Temporary Credit Limit Increase Terms and Conditions apply

Applicable Purposes

Application Eligibility – For Existing Standard Chartered Principal Credit Card Cardholders Only

Required Information

For Overseas Travel (currently unavailable)

  • Travel destination
  • Intended travel booking date
  • Departure and arrival dates
  • Requested effective date (must be within 7 days of intended usage)

For Wedding Banquet (currently unavailable)

  • Date of the banquet
  • Name and contact number of the hotel / restaurant where the banquet will be held
  • Name of the person in charge of the banquet at the hotel/restaurant
  • Total number of tables and cost per table
  • Requested effective date (must be within 7 days of intended usage)

For Medical / Hospitalization

  • Name of the hospital / clinic
  • Relationship with the patient (only eligible for family members; either immediate or non-immediate)
  • Validity Period (Effective Date & Expiry Date)

For Funeral

  • Validity Period (Effective Date & Expiry Date)

A temporary increase of credit limit on your credit card account(s) which can be used for the following purposes:

  • Medical / Hospitalization expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Overseas travel expenses (currently unavailable)
  • Wedding banquet expenses (currently unavailable)

A temporary credit limit increase is valid for the period as may be approved by the Bank. The validity period starts from the date when the temporary credit limit is approved (“Effective Date”) till the last day of the period that the Bank has granted the temporary credit limit for (“Expiry Date”).

There are no fees and charges for Temporary Credit Limit Increase service. However, do take note that you must pay down the utilized additional limit upon expiry of the temporary credit limit. This is to avoid an overlimit fee of S$40, which is charged to your card account when the current balance on your card account exceeds your credit limit.