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Priority treatment in APEC and beyond

Let us pick up the tab for your APEC Business Travel Card.

As a Priority Banking customer, you are used to being ushered to the front of the queue. Now, with the APEC Business Travel Card, you can speed through participating airports.

Take advantage of fast-track access through designated APEC lanes and visa-free, pre-cleared entry to 19 economic regions. At designated US, Canadian and Russian Federation airports, you are welcome to use air crew or diplomatic lanes.

If you are Singaporean, Malaysian or Indonesian, simply apply for your APEC Business Travel Card with your respective immigration authority today. We will reimburse you the application fee when it is approved*.

Enjoy the APEC Business Travel Card Promotion in 2 easy steps:

Click here to apply for the APEC Business Travel Card
Once it is approved, reach out to your relationship manager for application fee reimbursement

* Priority Banking APEC Business Travel Card (“ABTC”) Promotion terms and conditions apply.