Open an e$aver account today and get up to 1.35% p.a. Interest on your incremental balance (compared to October 2014’s average daily balance).
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From now till 31 March 2015, enjoy up to 1.35% p.a. interest with no lock-in period and no minimum deposit, when you bring in incremental fresh funds* (compared to October 2014‘s average daily balance). With eSaver’s high interest rate, your money is working harder whether you’re at the beach or playing with the kids. So, go build a sandcastle.

Deposit Balance Tier Prevailing Interest Rate on Deposit Balance Bonus Interest Rate on eligible Incremental Balance Total Interest Rate on eligible Incremental Balance
<S$50,000 0.10% p.a. 1.10% p.a. 1.20% p.a.
S$50,000 to <S$200,000 0.15% p.a 1.25% p.a.
≥S$200,000 0.25% p.a. 1.35% p.a.

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e$aver Bonus Interest (1 November 2014 to 31 March 2015) Promotion Terms and Conditions applies.



  • No minimum deposit
  • No minimum balance
  • No fixed term
  • Manage your money easily with our award-winning Online and Mobile Banking platform, Breeze available on the iPhone, iPad and Android mobile device
  • Pay any bank's Visa or MasterCard credit card bills online with Online Banking
  • Get access to over 300 billing organisations the most in town for easy payment of your bills

Key Charges

Service Charges
Minimum initial deposit $0
Minimum average daily balance $0
(Note: If account is in S$0 balance for 6 consecutive months, it will be closed automatically)
Fall-below fee $0
Early account closure fee (within 6 months) $0
Counter transaction $5 per cash withdrawal


    • Nationality: Singapore citizen / Singapore permanent resident / foreigner
    • Age requirement: Minimum 18 years old
  •     Documents Required
    • Mandatory supporting documents for Singapore citizens and permanent residents:
      • NRIC (front and back)
    • Mandatory supporting documents for foreigners:
      • Passport
      • Employment Pass
      • Any of the following documents:
        • Last 3 months' utility bill
        • Last 3 months' bank statement
        • Letter from the human resource department of current employer stating address
        • Government-issued documents stating address (e.g. IRAS, CPF, ICA)
        • Telecommunications bill
        • Tenancy agreement
      • Income documents:
        • Salaried employee: current or previous month's computerised payslip from current employer (handwritten copies are not acceptable); OR latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment (if this document is faxed, please fax from the bottom end first)

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Note: e$aver Bonus Interest (1 November 2014 to 31 January 2015) Promotion has now been extended to 31 March 2015! Please see revised terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions

Summary of e$aver Bonus Interest (1 November 2014 to 31 March 2015) Promotion Terms and Conditions

^This e$aver Bonus Interest (1 November 2014 to 31 March 2015) Promotion ("Promotion") is available from 1 November 2014 to 31 March 2015 (both dates inclusive) ("Promotion Period"). The Promotion is open to both new and existing e$aver, e$aver Kids! and World Partner Savings accounts (collectively, "Qualifying Accounts") with Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (the "Bank"). For existing Qualifying Accounts as of 30 October 2014, if the average daily balance ("ADB") for any calendar month in the Promotion Period: (a) is higher than the ADB for October 2014 ("Comparison Month"), you will earn Bonus Interest on the difference between the ADBs for those 2 months ("Incremental Balance"); and (b) is either equal to or lower than the ADB for the Comparison Month, you will not earn any Bonus Interest. You will continue to earn Prevailing Interest on the deposit balances in the above scenarios. For new Qualifying Accounts opened on or after 1 November 2014, if you open and deposit fresh funds into the said account during the Promotion Period, you will earn (i) Prevailing Interest on the deposit balances; and (ii) the Bonus Interest on the Incremental Balance (which in the case of a new Qualifying Account is the ADB). The Incremental Balance eligible for Bonus Interest is subject to a cap of S$1,000,000 per new Qualifying Account for the Promotion Period. After the Promotion Period, you will cease to earn Bonus Interest but you will continue to earn Prevailing Interest on the deposit balances in the Qualifying Accounts. Terms and conditions apply. Click here for full terms and conditions.

*Fresh funds refer to funds not originating from any existing account with the Bank and funds that are not withdrawn and re-deposited within the last 30 days.

Deposit Insurance Scheme
Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$50,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured.

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