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Wisdom of age vitality of youth

Achieve harmonious balance of body and mind

When is the best time to start a skincare routine?

According to the ‘Theory of 7-Year-Cycle of Women’ in the Asian Medicine classics, women’s bodies undergo changes internally and every 7 years.  As your skin ages, it begins to lack the Yin energy and become unbalanced.  Therefore, skincare routine should start in several steps as soon as you sense the imbalance.

During your teenage years when your skin is in good condition with good recovery system, you do not need to apply skincare products in several steps – simply said, your skin has the ability to remain in good condition with just proper cleansing and hydration.  But as you get older and pass your late 20s and 30s, you will definitely feel your ‘skin is not like how it used to be.’  This is not just for the women in Asia, but common for all women around the world.  The pillow marks on your face every morning when you wake up, quickly goes away during your teens, but you age, it will go a longer time to disappear in your 30s.

What is the secret in achieving healthy and radiant skin from within?

In this perspective, Sulwhasoo suggests the beauty rituals for ‘Balance-Essence-Advanced’ and the use of products according to these steps.  At the Balance step, achieve the perfect balance of skin by applying pre-boosting serum for radiance and enhance the efficacies of other products.  Next, at the Essence step, supply skin with serums and essential moisturisers to penetrate deep into skin for repairing and addressing traces of skin concerns like dullness, dryness, uneven skin tone and obvious facial lines. At the Advance step, complete the regime by massaging key pressure points for elasticity.

Experience Sulwhasoo signature beauty rituals on your own today or visit the Sulwhasoo SPA’s outlet at Ion Orchard, Capitol Piazza and Westgate for a pampering session.

Exclusive for MyWay clients:

Enjoy 6x complimentary eye or leg^ care with a purchase of 5+1 facial package, simply by flashing the Standard Chartered MyWay debit card at the Sulwhasoo participating outlets. Please visit sc.com/sg/MyWay for the full terms and conditions that apply.

Sulwhasoo is a brand based on the knowledge of ancient wisdom on the management of aging and in-depth understanding of ingredients as well as human body to deliver the effective anti-aging benefits.

 Sulwhasoo’s global best seller – First Care Activating Serum EX, contains the JAUM Balancing

ComplexTM from five selected ingredients among thousands of herbal ingredients. First Care Activating Serum EX is to be applied during the balance stage, the first step to use before any skincare brings balance to skin with ultimate radiance.

 TimeTreasure Invigorating Line, a premium anti-aging line in Sulwhasoo, contains DAA, a skin-vitality enhancer found in the red pine, provides a comprehensive treatment of address traces of aging and aging factors. Aging Process, sets off chain reactions and accelerates aging once it starts. TimeTreasure Invigorating Water, Emulsion,  Serum, Cream, Eye Serum, Eye Cream and Sleeping Mask, fortified with anti-aging complexes to heighten your skin’s defense mechanisms and reduce signs of aging, when applied during the essence and improvement stage, helps skin achieve youthful radiance. 

^Leg care service is only available at Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge @ Capitol Building.

This article is contributed by Sulwhalsoo.


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