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Credit Limit Review Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Credit Limit Review

  1. Applications for credit limit review of your unsecured credit facilities with Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (“Bank”) are subject to the Bank’s approval. If your application is approved, your revised credit limit will apply to and is shared among all your credit card account(s) with the Bank and all corresponding supplementary credit card(s) authorised by You, except your (if any) secured credit card(s), credit card(s) with $500 limit, and corporate card(s).
  2. The combined credit limit of all your unsecured credit facilities with the Bank including your credit card(s), will be subject to the maximum limit allowable under prevailing regulatory requirements and guidelines, or up to $250,000, whichever is lower.
  3. The Bank will review and determine, at its sole discretion, your eligibility for adjustment of credit limit based on the latest income document(s) you submitted to the Bank, and subject to the prevailing regulatory requirements and guidelines.
  4. If your latest income document(s) reflect that your prevailing annual income is of a lower amount than that which is currently in the Bank’s records, the current credit limit(s) applicable to all your unsecured credit facilities will be reduced accordingly.
  5. Where applicable, the Bank will update its records based on the information you have given in connection with the application.
  6. Not applicable to secured credit card or credit card with $500 credit limit. To request for a limit change on secured credit card, please proceed to our nearest branch for placement of additional lien against the credit card.


Important Information for your Preferred Credit Limit

  1. The approved credit limit for Your credit card(s) in this application will be the overall limit that applies to and is shared among all Your principal credit card(s) with the Bank and all corresponding supplementary credit card(s) authorised by You to be issued on Your account.
  2. The approved credit limit will be the lowest of: (a) the specific preferred credit limit You indicated in this form; (b) the maximum credit limit allowable under prevailing regulations; and (c) such other credit limit as determined by the Bank.
  3. If You have existing principal credit card(s) and You have authorised the issue of supplementary credit card(s) on Your account in respect of such card(s), the Bank may also require such supplementary cardholder(s) to indicate their preferred credit limit(s) for their supplementary card(s) before determining the approved credit limit since the approved credit limit is an overall credit limit that will also apply to such existing supplementary card(s). You agree that the Bank may contact or may require You to contact such supplementary cardholder(s) for this purpose.