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Your Family Wealth Blueprint

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Your Family Wealth Blueprint

Devise a blueprint with us to prepare your children for tomorrow’s challenges.

Blueprinting your child's every need

Will your child be capable of attaining his/her future milestones without difficulties? As parents, we always want the best for our children no matter which stage of life they are in. Create a better tomorrow for your children when you devise your family wealth blueprint with us.

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  1. Teach your child about the basic concepts of personal finance

    Empowering your child to make wise financial decisions starts with educating them about personal finance during their formative years.

  2. See your child through his/her growing needs

    Parenting requires a lot of time, energy and money. With a little planning in advance, you can better address your child’s growing needs.

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  1. Help your child gain financial literacy

    Stepping into adulthood is never easy. You can facilitate your child’s transition phase by engaging them on the topics of personal finance.

  2. Guide your child towards early financial security

    A parent’s wish for his/her child is always a worry-free future. Encourage your child to start preparing for his/her upcoming milestones now to attain them without difficulties.

Devise Your Family’s Blueprint

With inflation translating into a rising cost of living, what more can you do to create a better tomorrow for your children? Here are some options to explore:

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Insurance Savings Plan

How does it work?

Give your child a head start in life when you grow your savings using a regular premium insurance savings plan. Plans could start as little as S$80/month. You may have the flexibility of making withdrawals before maturity or receive a lump sum payout at maturity, which could fully fund your child’s university education or other big-ticket dreams.


If your child is 21 years old & above, encourage your child to take charge of his/her personal financial goals through a regular premium insurance savings plan. The lump sum payout may come in handy for his/her future needs, be it purchasing a property or starting a business!

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Unit Trust Regular Savings Plan

How does it work?

Grow your wealth to fund your child’s growing needs by setting up a unit trust regular savings plan from as low as S$100/month. Doing so, you enjoy dollar-cost-averaging and eliminate the need to time the market. Redeem your unit trusts whenever (subject to the unit trust’s terms and conditions) to support your child’s progression.


If your child is 21 years old & above and has the financial means, encourage him/her to start a unit trust regular savings plan on top of saving up. This can help your child get on the right track towards achieving his/her financial goals and future milestones.



How does it work?

Enhance your potential returns by investing in equities. With our SC Online Trading platform, you can enjoy flexibility in selecting from a pool of equities based on your financial goals and risk appetite. You may be able to reap significant benefits beyond your child’s needs when the market conditions are in your favour.


If your child is 21 years old & above and looking to grow his/her wealth actively, SC Online Trading platform might just be the one! With a comprehensive interface and market insights from the bank, your child has all the necessary tools to make wise investment decisions.

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Qiu Qiu & her motherhood story

Bong Qiu Qiu shares her experiences on motherhood and financial planning

Are you adequately prepared for your children’s milestones? How can you devise your family wealth blueprint to plan for your family’s future? At Standard Chartered, we are here to support you and your family in achieving your financial goals.


Watch Qiu Qiu and our speakers discuss these questions and more during our webinar. Plus, learn tips to instil good financial habits in your children.

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Edmund Chen & Yi Xi on adulting

The father-son duo talks about growing up and planning ahead

How future-ready are your children? What can you do to prepare them for their future milestones?


Watch our 4-part video series featuring Edmund Chen and his son, Chen Yi Xi, as they share their respective adulthood experiences and their take on financial planning. Plus, find out who emerged victorious when they are pitted against each other in our insurance quiz!


Can’t decide on the right financial tool for you and your child?

Our duty as a parent

Parenting comes with a heavy responsibility but it’s a joy to grow alongside our children. As parents, we are always on the lookout for their well-being and happiness during different phases of their lives. So, why not give them a head start through our tailored insurance and investment offerings?


Here are some materials to help you.
For parents with children below 21 years old, click here to read more.
For parents with children 21 years old & above, click here to read more.

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