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The first of its kind in Asia in retail banking

Personalised Investment Ideas: The new intelligent tool for investors

Investment Ideas: Intelligent Tool for Investors

How does the Personalised Investment Ideas tool work? What makes it so powerful? What is the process a Priority banking client has to go through?

Firstly, the Relationship Manager needs to find out the risk profile of a customer, whether he is aggressive or more conservative and his investment holdings. The Relationship Manager then uses the Personalised Investment Ideas tool to generate an ideal portfolio based on that.

Clients will be presented with a variety of funds and bonds buy/sell/hold investment ideas And they are all prioritised for the client. The tool also provides the accompanying rationale for each investment idea. This empowers the client with relevant information for a deeper conversation with his Relationship Manager to decide on an idea. Once he decides on idea, his Relationship Manager can help discuss the appropriate solutions in line with his objectives and then the Relationship Manager will help him take the necessary action.

For example, if the customer is more aggressive based on his risk profile, the investment ideas will have more growth fund ideas, and keep a smaller allocation to bonds and cash. Allocation for conservative customers would be less weighted towards growth funds, and focused on funds than can provide recurring income.

Using advanced analytics, Personalised Investment Ideas combines multi-sourced market views developed by Standard Chartered Bank’s team of investment experts. This coupled with data on wealth management solutions develops a tool that is able to generate and prioritise investment ideas for mutual funds and bonds, tailored for each client.

Factoring changes in market conditions, the Personalised Investment Ideas tool may recommend that clients sell certain funds that are fully valued or switch to defensive funds.

As clients meet their Relationship Managers to discuss their investment portfolio, the clients themselves will learn more about investments rationale and what is best for their own portfolios in that investment climate.

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