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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • eStatement is an electronic version of your monthly statement, which are sent directly to your latest email address registered with us. They are also accessible via Online Banking anytime, anywhere, which allows you to view electronic records of transactions from up to the last 12 months.

  • eAdvice is an electronic version of paper notices. They are sent to your registered email address with the us, and may also be accessed via Online Banking.

    eAdvice is a new bundled service with eStatements. Clients who are on eStatements will automatically be enrolled for eAdvices.

  • Paper statements and notices for all Current/Cheque/Savings Accounts, Investment Accounts and/or Credit Cards on paper statements will be converted to eStatements and eAdvices from November 2020

  • You may access both eStatements and eAdvices via your registered email address with us or via Online Banking.

    Access via email (only applicable to clients enrolled for this mode of delivery)

    When your eStatement/eAdvice is ready, an email notification together with your password-protected eStatement/eAdvice will be sent to your last updated email address with us.

    Access via Online Banking

    Step 1: Visit sc.com/sg

    Step 2: Login to Online Banking

    Step 3: Mouse over your name profile and select “eStatements/eAdvices” located on the navigation menu at the top of the page

  • You may set your eStatement/eAdvice delivery mode preferences via Online Banking.

    Step 1: Visit sc.com/sg

    Step 2: Login to Online Banking

    Step 3: Mouse over your name profile and select “eStatements/eAdvices” located on the top navigation menu

    Step 4: Select “Subscriptions” located at the top menu bar

    Step 5: Select account and click on “Change subscription” tab

    Step 6: Select your delivery mode preference

    However, please note that effective 1 January 2021, a Paper Statement Fee may apply if you opt to receive paper statements. For more information, please click here for our Pricing Guide or read further on below.

    What is a Paper Statement Fee?

    A paper statement fee is applicable if you opt to receive paper statements for your deposit accounts with effect from 1 January 2021. A monthly fee of $2 will be charged to your deposit account in the following months i.e. if you choose to receive a paper statement in January 2021, the Paper Statement Fee will be charged to your account in February 2021.

    * This fee is waived for Priority Banking clients as well as clients below 18 years old or above 65 years old.

    How is the Paper Statement Fee reflected in my statement?

    The charge will be reflected as ‘Paper Statement Fee’ in your statement. 

    If I receive more than one paper statement for my deposit accounts held with the bank, how will I be charged?

    The Paper Statement Fee of S$2 is charged per paper statement requested. You may request to link your deposit account(s) into a single consolidated statement to avoid multiple paper statement fees. This fee will not apply if you are receiving eStatements even if you have separate statements for your deposit account(s).

     If I have more than one account in my Consolidated Statement, which account will the Paper Statement Fee be deducted from?

    The Paper Statement Fee of S$2 will be charged to your deposit account with the most recent account opening date (please refer to the above pricing table for the fees charged in other currencies). If there are insufficient funds in that account, it will be charged to the next available account.

    If you have not registered for either Online or Mobile Banking, you may follow the steps below: 

    For Online Banking registration, please click here 

    For guide to Mobile Banking, please click here

For Credit Card Customers