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Get 10% discount off your total first year premium when you purchase a plan by 31 Jul 24. T&Cs apply.

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Get 10% discount off your total first year premium when you purchase a plan by 31 Jul 24. T&Cs apply.


Comprehensive, reliable protection and the peace of mind you need with Allianz Motor Protect. Underwritten by Allianz Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Allianz Motor Protect
Maximum benefit (SGD)
Section 1: Basic Motor Benefits Comprehensive Third-Party Fire and Theft only Third-Party Only
Loss or damage to car by accident or theft
(Vehicle must be repaired at an authorized workshop unless the optional cover “Repairs at preferred workshop” is chosen)
Up to Market Value of Car at time of accident
Loss or damage to car by fire and theft only
(Vehicle must be repaired at an authorized workshop)
Up to Market Value of Car at time of accident
Taxi reimbursement Up to S$100 per accident or breakdown
Towing costs Up to S$500 per accident or breakdown
Authorized repair limit Up to S$350 per accident
Damage to third-party property Up to S$5 million per accident Up to S$5 million per accident Up to S$5 million per accident
Death or injury to third-party Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Legal representation and defense Up to S$3,000 per accident Up to S$3,000 per accident Up to S$3,000 per accident
‘New for Old’ replacement car New car replacement or cash value equivalent if the vehicle is less than 2 years old and is damaged beyond repair
Courtesy car benefit 1 Up to 10 days per accident or breakdown
Daily transport allowance 1 S$50 per day, up to 10 days per accident
24/7 Roadside assistance Included
Lifetime warranty on workmanship of repairs
(Only at authorized workshops)
Unlimited windscreen cover S$100 excess for each replacement of windscreen
Section 2: Optional Cover with additional premium
No Claim Discount (NCD) Protector
(Available for customers with NCD of 30% and above)
Available Available Available
Repairs at any workshop Available
Personal Accident and Medical expenses
(In the event of accidental death and total or partial permanent disability to the driver)
S$50,000 for Policyholder

S$25,000 for Authorized Driver /Passenger

Medical Expenses Coverage:

S$1,000 per person

1 Policyholder can only claim either “Courtesy car benefit” or “Daily transport allowance” (where applicable).

Allianz Motor Protect Product FAQ

  • Yes you can, as long as your car is legally registered in Singapore under the relevant Singapore Road Traffic Act.

  • Singapore, West Malaysia, and Thailand (within 80km of the border of Malaysia).

  • In case of emergency, Allianz helpline is available 24/7 at 1800 222 1818 (Toll-free).

  • For any defective workmanship in your accident repairs done by any of
    Allianz’s authorized workshops, you may proceed back to the same authorized workshop for repairs for as long as you are insured with Allianz.

  • In the event that your car is damaged beyond repair within the first 24 months of its first registration in Singapore, Allianz will at their option:
    a. Replace it with a new car of the same make, model, and engine capacity as your car; or
    b. If a new car of the same make, model and engine capacity is not available, replace it with a new car of a similar make, model, and engine capacity as your car; or
    c. Pay such cash equivalent in lieu of points (a) and (b) immediately above.

  • Allianz authorized workshops will assist you in liaising with their vendor to arrange for a courtesy car if the repairs to your car requires more than 24 hours.

  • No, NCD is not transferrable to another person except to your spouse, provided your spouse is purchasing a new Allianz Motor Protect plan with Allianz. This is a one-time transfer and it is non- reversible. After the transfer, your NCD for your existing motor insurance policy will become 0%.

  • There is coverage if the windscreen is cracked, chipped or broken. An excess of S$100 is applicable for each windscreen replacement.

  • By having named drivers in your motor insurance policy, your named drivers will enjoy the same lower excess as you. Excess is the amount the policyholder is required to contribute before they can make a claim.

    1. Exchange particulars of all involved parties including Name, NRIC/FIN, Telephone Number, Address and Insurer. Take note of the vehicle license plate(s) and take digital photographs and keep any in-car camera footage of your car, the other vehicle(s) and the surroundings, which can be included during the e-filing of accident reports later.
      2. Call Allianz hotline for a tow truck or for further advice on the accident.
      3. Report and bring your car (whether damaged or not) to the approved reporting centre/authorized workshop within 24 hours or by the next working day.
      4. Avoid all unauthorized tow truck operators or repair workshops.You may refer to the Motor Claims Framework at www.gia.org.sg which will provide clear and common procedures for the reporting of motor accidents.
  • 1. Exchange particulars of all involved parties including Name, NRIC/FIN (or other Identity Card or passport details where applicable), Telephone Number, Address, Insurer and note down the vehicle license plate(s).
    2. Take pictures of your car’s damages and the damages of the other damaged vehicle(s) involved. Capture all vehicles’ license plate(s).
    3. Take pictures of the accident location, capturing the surroundings and the vehicle(s) in its/their stationary position before moving it/them.
    4. Call the local police if there is any injured party. (999 for Malaysia / 191 for Thailand)
    5. Make a police report in the country where the accident occurred. Upon returning to Singapore, regardless of whether your car was damaged or not, report the accident to the Allianz authorized workshop together with your car within 24 hours or the next working day. If you have an in-car camera, please submit the video footage as well.

Important Notes

  • 1) Any fraudulent and/or exaggerated claims 2) There is no cover under this Policy if the vehicle is used for any unlawful purposes (i.e. in violation of the criminal law or a recognized law of the country where the vehicle was being used) and any use of the vehicle other than for social and domestic purposes (i.e. this car shall be for private use only and not for hiring or reward purposes, Racing etc.) 3) Any Accident, loss, damage or liability caused, sustained or incurred whilst the vehicle is driven by any person other than an Authorized Driver 4) Any intentional or willful act of any Authorized Driver of the vehicle that result in any loss or damages Please refer to Policy Wording for details of T&Cs and full exclusions.


This webpage is not a contract of insurance and reference should be made to the actual policy for the exact terms and conditions applicable. It does not constitute an offer to buy or sell an insurance product or service. It is also not intended to provide any insurance or financial advice. All insurance products described in this webpage are underwritten by Allianz Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd. , (“Allianz”) and not Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited. Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (the “Bank”) shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever regarding your application or the contract of insurance. In facilitating insurance arrangements or in referring customers to any insurer, the Bank is acting in alliance with the insurer and not as an agent for customers.  This webpage is being distributed for general information only and it does not constitute an offer, recommendation, solicitation to enter into any transaction. You may wish to seek advice from a licensed or an exempt financial adviser before making a commitment to purchase this product. In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a licensed or an exempt financial adviser, you should carefully consider whether this product is suitable for you. If, after purchasing the policy, you decide that the policy is not suitable for you, you may terminate the policy in accordance with the free-look provision, if any, and the insurer may recover from you any expense incurred by them in underwriting the policy.”

This Policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your Policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact Allianz or visit the GIA or SDIC websites (www.gia.org.sg or www.sdic.org.sg).