With a variety of tenors, no front-end or annual management fees and return of principal (subject to conditions), Structured Deposits are attractive to investors with a low to medium risk appetite.

Enjoy higher returns on your savings when you invest with us today. Apply now and earn a return of 5.40% after 3 years.

Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited
3 Years SGD Step Up Fixed Rate Structured Deposit Series 18
Issuer Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited ("SCBSL" or "the Bank")
Investment currency Singapore Dollar (SGD)
Tenor 3 years
Application period Application ends 8 May 2017(or earlier, subject to market conditions)
Start Date 17 May 2017
Minimum investment amount SGD 20,000
(Larger amounts must be in multiples of SGD 1,000)
Interest rate payout Year 1 to 3:

Fixed interest of
Y1: 1.60% p.a.
Y2: 1.80% p.a.
Y3: 2.00% p.a.

Total interest: 5.40%

Investor is entitled to receive an interest amount on each quarterly interest payment date.

Terms and Conditions

† Structured to return the initial investment amount at maturity (assuming that the Bank does not become insolvent and you do not choose to terminate the Structured Deposit prior to its stated maturity date).

Product Disclaimer & Risks

The contents on this webpage are for informational purposes only. It does not constitute an offer, recommendation or solicitation of an offer to enter into a transaction or adopt any hedging, trading or investment strategy, nor does it constitute any prediction of likely future movements in rates or prices.

The contents on this webpage have not been prepared to be suitable for any particular person or class of persons and do not constitute and should not be construed as investment advice nor an investment recommendation. While Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited ("SCBSL") considers the information herein to be reliable at the date it is given, SCBSL does not represent that it is accurate or complete and it should not be relied upon as such. Neither the contents herein nor any copy of it may be sent or taken into the United States or given to any US Person.

Not a deposit
"Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited 3 Years SGD Step Up Fixed Rate Structured Deposit Series 18 is a Structured Deposit and not a traditional deposit and it does not qualify as an insured deposit under the Singapore Deposit Insurance and Policy Owner’s Protection Schemes Act 2012. Unlike traditional deposits, Structured Deposits have an investment element and returns may vary.

Return of principal only at maturity
Because the Structured Deposit is structured with the objective of returning your initial investment amount only at maturity, repayment of your initial investment amount does not apply if you terminate the Structured Deposit prior to maturity. You may potentially lose the principal sum invested if the investment is not held to maturity. There is no unconditional guarantee of repayment as repayment is subject to the creditworthiness of the SCBSL i.e. if SCBSL defaults, you may lose your initial investment amount.

Prior to maturity, SCBSL may agree to you withdrawing or terminating the Structured Deposit but SCBSL is under no obligation to do so. In calculating a termination price, SCBSL will factor in the costs of terminating hedging and funding arrangements and other costs relating to the Structured Deposit which may result in a termination price that is substantially below the amount of your initial investment amount.

You must seek your own independent advice from a licensed or an exempt financial adviser regarding the appropriateness of investing in this product, before making a commitment to purchase this product. In the event that you choose not to seek your own independent advice from a licensed or an exempt financial adviser, you should carefully consider whether the product is suitable for you. SCBSL has no fiduciary duty towards you, nor does it assume any responsibility to advise on, or make any representation as to the appropriateness, suitability or possible consequences of investing in this product.

This document contains a brief summary of some (and NOT ALL) of the structured product terms, features and risk disclosures and is not meant to be an exhaustive summary. You should refer to the relevant Product Documentation, including the Termsheet, for complete details of the product, risks and more information, including meanings of the capitalised terms not defined here. The terms of any transaction will be agreed with you through a discussion with an indicative term sheet and set out in a post-confirmation notice that SCBSL sends to you. For more details, you should read the “Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited 3 Years SGD Step Up Fixed Rate Structured Deposit Series 18 termsheet. To obtain a copy of the Termsheet, you can either contact your Relationship Manager or visit any of our branches.


    • What is a Structured Deposit?

      • A structured deposit is essentially a combination of a deposit and an investment product, where the return is dependent on the performance of some underlying financial instrument.
      • Typical financial instruments linked to such deposits include market indices, equities, interest rates, fixed-income instruments, commodities, foreign exchange or a combination of these.

    • Why invest in Structured Deposit?

      • Low to medium risk appetite
      • Return of principal (subject to conditions)
      • Potentially higher returns/yields as compared to traditional fixed deposits
      • Diversification into the underlying financial instruments
      • Readily available in different tenors and underlying instruments subject to customers' needs and demands
      • No front-end fees or annual management fees

    • Who should invest in Structured Deposit?

      Investors who:

      • Have a medium to long investment time period
      • Want return of principal (subject to conditions)
      • Have a view on the outlook of the underlying investment

    • What should investors look out for when investing in Structured Deposits?

      • The tenor should suit your investment time horizon
      • Evaluate the best and worst case return based on the formula, and compare it against the return from a term deposit of equivalent tenor and with a bank of the same credit rating
      • Understand the underlying mechanics of the investments
      • Credit worthiness of issuing bank
      • The frequency of the coupon payout should suit your cash flow requirements
      • Whether there is a penalty to unwind if you need to liquidate the investment

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