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Priority Mortgage Plus

Enjoy lower Mortgage pricing when you deposit or invest with us

Priority Mortgage Plus Benefits1
  • on your mortgage loan

  • on your monthly instalments

  • for your mortgage loan

*The numbers illustrated above are based on a S$1M mortgage loan amount, 30 years tenor at 1.50% p.a interest rate.

Priority Mortgage Plus Calculator

Explore by updating the loan amount, loan tenor, selecting your deposit you would have with us and watch your estimated savings change



Select the deposit amount or investment in your Unit Trust or Monthly insurance premiums that best suit your needs


Unit Trust

Monthly Premiums

Note:k indicates 1000

% Interest Rate
[Play with sliders below to compare the different rates]



Year 1

% %

Year 2

% %

Year 3

% %

Year 4

% %

Year 5+

% %

You can further reduce your

interest amount across your loan tenor by:

Your estimated savings


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    Standard Chartered Priority Banking

    Start a Priority Banking relationship with us and receive up to S$8,000 cash reward T&Cs apply.

    Additional benefits on your Priority Mortgage Plus

    More interest savings

    Enjoy competitive pricing for mortgage loan with a savings of between 0.03% to 0.18% compared to other market players. No administrative fee or additional charges.

    Rewards Loyalty

    Enjoy this pricing reduction throughout the loan tenure for as long as the banking relationship is maintained, both loan and deposits and/or investments with the bank are kept in accordance to requirement.

    Enjoy Priority client privileges

    Have access to dedicated relationship manager who will help manage your investment needs. Plus, enjoy other privileges exclusive to this segment, such as regular investment update, Priority Pass membership, the APEC business travel card and wealth events, and many more.

    Flexibility and hassle-free process

    Flexibility to take up any of the deposit or investment options within 1 month from accepting the mortgage facility letter. Thereafter, the pricing reduction will be availed accordingly, and clients will be notified of the pricing change. Enjoy hassle-free process with no need to re-accept the mortgage facility letter with the revised interest rates.

    Application Eligibility

    • Minimum loan size of S$100,000
    • For both completed and building under construction properties
    • Terms and Conditions apply

    Yes, you may do so as the deposits/investments are not pledged or tied to the Mortgage loan account.

    The benefits are illustrated here (https://www.sc.com/sg/priority/)

    The PMP promotion is only applicable per property based on the deposits or investment, meaning we will accord one PMP rate discount to one property with a single $200,000 deposit. The PMP is also only applicable to mortgage loans at this point in time, equity loans are not eligible currently.

    Asset Under Management with us Interest reduction
    Tier 1 – S$200K AUM/deposits There will be a 0.05% interest reduction to your proposed interest rates for years 1-4 then 0.10% from year 5 onwards
    Tier 2 -S $500K AUM/deposits or S$200K Unit Trust Purchase or $3K monthly insurance premium There will be a 0.05% interest reduction to your proposed interest rates for years 1-2 then 0.10% from year 3 onwards

    With regards to SGD200,000 of Fresh Funds or SGD200,000 worth of UT purchases (or its equivalent in foreign currencies), you will need to inform the Bank about such placement in writing within 1 month from the date of this Facility Letter.

    Pertaining to successful purchases of Eligible Insurance Policy/ies with a minimum monthly premium of SGD3,000 (or its equivalent in foreign currencies), you will need to inform the Bank about such purchase(s) in writing within 2 months from the date of this Facility Letter.