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Bonus$aver Wealth Promotion

Boost your Bonus Interest

Bonus$aver Wealth Promotion

Maximise your bonus interest with Bonus$aver and receive up to S$3,600 p.a. in Promotional Bonus Interest* when you purchase Eligible Unit Trust(s) and Eligible Insurance Policy(ies) through us.

Here’s how it works

Maximise Bonus interest

Receive up to  1.8% p.a. Promotional Bonus Interest* on your eligible balance of up to your first S$200K in your Bonus$aver account. Find out more

When you Invest

Invest through us in Eligible Unit Trust(s) with total subscription amount of at least S$120K within a calendar month.  Find out more

And Insure

Purchase Eligible Insurance Policy(ies)through us with total annual premium(s) of at least S$30K within a calendar month.  Find out more

Contact us

Speak to your RM or leave your contact details

You need to have the following:

  1. An active Bonus$aver account where you are the primary holder. Click here to apply.
  2. To qualify for the “Invest” Wealth Promotion Category, purchase at least S$120,000 in Eligible Unit Trust(s within a calendar month during the Promotion Period (as defined below). If you do not have an active Online Unit Trust account with the bank, click here to apply.
  3. To qualify for the “Insure” Wealth Promotion Category, purchase Eligible Insurance Policy(ies) with aggregate annualised premiums of at least S$30,000 within a calendar month during the Promotion Period. To find out more, please contact us.

You may also reach out to your relationship manager for more details.

Bonus$aver comprises of a Bonus$aver account (which is an innovative Current Account that gives you one of the highest interest rate in town), and Bonus$aver World MasterCard credit and/or debit card(s) which may be linked to the Bonus$aver account.

Earn up to 2.38% p.a. interest on your savings for the first S$80,000 in your Bonus$aver account then you do an of the following:

  • Credit your salary through Giro
  • Pay bills online/through Giro
  • Spend on your Bonus$aver Credit or Debit card
  • Invest with a Unit Trust
  • Insure with a regular premium insurance policy

The account comes with eStatements and you can choose to have a chequebook (chequebook facility is not available for Bonus$aver accounts opened through an online application).

To find out more about Bonus$aver account, click here

Bonus$aver Wealth Promotion is a tiered-up promotion on the Bonus$aver account that offers Promotional Bonus Interest for “Invest” and “Insure” categories on a higher average daily balance cap of up to S$200,000.

You must be the primary holder of an active Bonus$aver account to be eligible for this Bonus$aver Wealth Promotion. If you do not have a Bonus$aver account, you may apply for one here.

Please do note that your Bonus$aver account must be validly existing (i.e. must not be suspended, cancelled or terminated) and in good standing, including at the time of crediting of any Promotional Bonus Interest.

To qualify for the Promotional Bonus Interest under the Bonus$aver Wealth Promotion, you must:

  • successfully purchase through us and be issued one or more Eligible Insurance Policy(ies) by the relevant insurer, within a calendar month during the Promotion Period, with a Total Annual Premium of at least S$30,000. The Eligible Insurance Policy(ies) must not have been terminated or surrendered within 12 months from the date of inception of the relevant policy. This applies for the “Insure” Wealth Promotion Category; or
  • successfully subscribe through us within a calendar month during the Promotion Period, and settle the trade(s), for one or more Eligible Unit Trust(s), with a Total Subscription Amount of at least S$120,000. This applies for the “Invest” Wealth Promotion Category.

All subscriptions and purchases must be done within one single calendar month to qualify for the Wealth Promotion Bonus Interest.

You must be the primary holder of the individual or joint account for the account to qualify for Promotional Bonus Interest.

In the event that you have two (2) or more eligible Bonus$aver account (of which you are the primary accountholder), only the first of such active Bonus$aver accounts opened with us (with reference to the account opening dates) will be regarded as the Qualifying account.

Where two (2) or more Bonus$aver accounts were opened on the same day, the Bank will choose one of the Bonus$aver accounts in our sole discretion to be the Qualifying Account. For full terms and conditions please refer below.

We will be crediting the Promotional Bonus Interest to your account one month after the inception of the Eligible Insurance Policy(ies) or the settlement month for the Eligible Unit Trust(s) (as the case may be).

As an illustration, if the Eligible Insurance Policy(ies) is/are incepted in July, the Promotional Bonus Interest for “Insure” Wealth Promotion Category will be paid in August based on July’s ADB in your Qualifying Account. If the subscription(s) of the Eligible Unit Trust(s) is/are subscribed in August, the Promotional Bonus Interest for “Invest” Wealth Promotion Category will be paid in September based on August’s ADB in your Qualifying Account.

For full terms and conditions, please refer below.

Eligible Unit Trust means a unit trust made available through the Bank and which comprises (i) a minimum total subscription amount of S$120,000 (or its equivalent in another currency) within a single calendar month, but does not include:

  • exchange traded funds;
  • investments via regular savings plans; and
  • switching transactions.

means regular premium life insurance policy(ies) underwritten by Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd and distributed by the Bank and which:

  • names the Eligible Customer as the policy owner;
  • are successfully purchased and issued through us within a single calendar month with a minimum total annual premium of S$30,000;

Yes. The average daily balance (ADB) eligible for bonus interest is subject to a cap of S$200,000 per Bonus$aver account for “Invest” and “Insure” Wealth Promotion Categories. The S$80,000 cap continues to apply as per Bonus$aver for other bonus interest categories not covered by this promotion.

Please do note if you also qualify to earn bonus interest under the Bonus$aver Product Terms for the “Insure” or “Invest” Bonus$aver category on the first S$80,000 ADB of your Qualifying Account, the Promotional Bonus Interest (for the “Insure” or “Invest” Wealth Promotion Category, as the case may be) which you will earn under this Promotion will only apply for the next S$120,000 ADB of your Qualifying Account.

Unfortunately, you will need to have a Bonus$aver account opened before or in the same month as the qualifying Eligible Unit Trust(s) subscription and/or Eligible Insurance Policy(ies) purchase to qualify for this Promotional Bonus Interest.

*This Bonus$aver Wealth Promotion (“Promotion”) is available from 1 July 2021 to 31 May 2022, both dates inclusive (“Promotion Period”). The Terms and Conditions apply.
For full Bonus$aver product Terms and Conditions, click here.


This document is being distributed for general information only and it does not constitute an offer, recommendation or solicitation of an offer to enter into a transaction or adopt any hedging, trading or investment strategy, nor does it constitute any prediction of likely future movements in rates or prices or any representation that any such future movements will not exceed those shown in any illustration.

It has not been prepared for any particular person or class of persons and it has been prepared without regards to the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any person. You should seek advice from a financial adviser on the suitability of the product for you, taking into account these factors before making a commitment to purchase the product. In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a licensed or an exempt financial adviser, you should carefully consider whether this product is suitable for you.

You are fully responsible for your investment decision, including whether the product or service described here is suitable for you. The products / services involved are not principal-protected and you may lose all or part of your original investment amount. SCB will not accept any responsibility or liability of any kind, with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the information in this document. This document is for general evaluation only and has not been prepared to be suitable for any particular person or class of persons.

SCB makes no representation or warranty of any kind, express, implied or statutory regarding this document or any information contained or referred to on the document. This document is distributed on the express understanding that, whilst the information in it is believed to be reliable, it has not been independently verified by us.

Insurance: Buying an insurance policy is a long-term commitment. An early termination of the policy usually involves high cost and the surrender value payable may be less than the total premiums paid. The contents of this document do not constitute a contract of insurance and reference should be made to the respective policies for the exact terms and conditions applicable to the insurance policy. All insurance products described in this document are products of and underwritten by [Insurer] (Insurer) and not Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (SCBSL). SCBSL shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever regarding your application or the contract of insurance.

Unit Trusts: You should read the relevant prospectus before deciding whether to invest in a unit trust. Investments in unit trusts are not obligations of, deposits in, or guaranteed by, Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited or its affiliates. An investment in unit trusts is subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. The value of and the income from the unit trusts may fall as well as rise.

For clarity, the above are not deposits and do not qualify insured deposits under the Singapore Deposit Insurance and Policy Owners Protection Schemes Act 2011.


Deposit Insurance Scheme


Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$75,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured.