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Get your instant Digital Credit Card1 or cash disbursed instantly2

Apply for an instant Digital Credit Card

Upon approval and activation, your Digital Credit Card can only be used for (i) 3-Domain Secure (3DS) online purchases which are authenticated by OTP (One-Time Password) and (ii) payments through Apple Pay, Google PayTM and Samsung Pay.  


  • A Digital Credit Card is a virtual version of a credit card which you can use after successful activation without the physical version of a credit card. You will still receive the physical credit card within 5-7 working days and you are required to activate your physical credit card before use. Once you have activated your physical credit card, the Digital Credit Card will no longer be available for use.

  • You can use your Digital Credit Card for:

    – Making online purchases using one-time password with merchants that use 3DS. 3DS is an added layer of security for online credit card transactions. When you make a purchase at an e-commerce merchant website that uses 3DS, you will be asked to enter an OTP before the transaction can be completed. The OTP will be sent to the principal cardholder’s registered mobile number with the bank; and

    – Digital wallets namely, Apple Pay, Google PayTM and Samsung Pay

    A digital wallet is an application that allows you to enrol your card and use your card to make purchases through the mobile device, instead of transacting with your physical card. Digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google PayTM and Samsung Pay are services respectively provided by Apple, Samsung, and Google allowing you to store your credit or debit card to make payment through the respective Apple Pay, Google PayTM and Samsung Pay apps.

  • Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (the “Bank”) may make available a Digital Credit Card to a principal cardholder of a credit card issued by the Bank (“Credit Card”) in the following scenarios:

    a) When he/she successfully applies for a Credit Card (including Bonus$aver Credit Card) via the following channels:

    1. the Bank’s roadshows;
    2. telesales/ tele-marketing by the Bank; or
    3. any of the Bank’s branches,

    b) When he/she uses MyInfo to successfully apply online or via Mobile app for any of the following Credit Cards and such Credit Card is instantly approved by the Bank: 

    1. Unlimited Cashback Credit Card;
    2. Rewards+ Credit Card;
    3. Spree Credit Card;
    4. NUS Alumni Platinum Credit Card;
    5. Prudential Platinum Credit Card;
    6. Visa Infinite Credit Card; or
    7. X Credit Card

    c) With effect from 2 September 2019 (inclusive), a principal cardholder of a Credit Card may also get a Digital Credit Card when he/she is issued a replacement or renewal Credit Card.

    Please note that the Bank reserves the right to determine at its discretion all matters arising out of or in connection with the Digital Credit Card, including your eligibility for it.

    A Digital Credit Card will not be issued for any Standard Chartered Platinum Mastercard Credit Card issued pursuant to a Debt Consolidation Plan Application.

  • You have up to 15 calendar days, from the date your Credit Card application is approved or date of issue of your replacement or renewal credit card, to activate your Digital Credit Card. For the avoidance of doubt, you cannot activate your Digital Credit Card after 15 calendar days from the date your Credit Card application is approved or the date of issue of your replacement or renewal credit card, or after you activate the physical version of your Credit Card, whichever is the earlier.

  • a) Bonus$aver Credit Card, Renewal Credit Card and Replacement Credit Card

    Please login to Standard Chartered Online banking or Standard Chartered Mobile banking app to activate your Digital Credit Card.

    b) For all other Credit Cards (as listed in FAQ 3b above)

    You can activate the Digital Credit Card by:

    1) Logging in to Standard Chartered Online banking or Standard Chartered Mobile banking app; or

    2) clicking on the “Activate my Digital Credit Card” button on the Credit Card approval page for applications made online or via the SC Mobile App (if this page is made available to you by the Bank).

  • MyInfo is a service which allows SingPass users to manage their personal data and pre-fill forms in online transactions. This includes government-verified data that is retrieved across participating Government agencies and data that you contributed to form your profile.

    This means that users only need to provide personal data once to the Government, instead of providing data repeatedly for every online transaction.

    Complete your online applications in 4 steps

    1) Apply for any Standard Chartered Credit Card or CashOne Personal Loan/ CCIL through our website

    2) Login via SingPass to authenticate yourself

    3) Give consent to Standard Chartered to retrieve your personal data from MyInfo for this application

    4) Review your details and submit the application. It’s that easy!

    Please note that instant approval of your Credit Card and/or instant disbursement of CashOne Personal Loan/CCIL is wholly subject to the Bank’s review and sole discretion. The relevant terms and conditions apply.

    For details on how to use MyInfo for applications, please click here

    To facilitate your application and approval process, you may wish to check that your information (e.g. Email) at MyInfo is updated before you continue with the application.

  • Login to Standard Chartered Online banking or Standard Chartered Mobile banking app where you can retrieve your:

    – 16-digit credit card number

    – CVV number

    – Card Expiry date

    The above details will be available on Standard Chartered Online banking and Standard Chartered Mobile banking app after activation of your Digital Credit Card, for 15 calendar days from the date your Credit Card Application is approved or the date of issue of your replacement or renewal card.

    For new customers who do not have a Standard Chartered Online banking login, in order to retrieve your Digital Credit Card information for use, please refer to instructions set out in the email sent to your registered email address in the Bank’s records.

    As with all credit card usage, we encourage you to monitor your credit card transactions on online bank or mobile banking regularly.

  • If your CashOne Personal Loan / CCIL is approved instantly, funds will be disbursed within these time periods:

    Scenario Application Submission Approved Loan Amount Account Indicated in Application Form CashOne / Credit Card Instalment Loan Disbursement Turnaround Time (TAT)
    A Any day / timing S$250,000 Standard Chartered bank account Instant
    B Any day / timing S$10,000 Non-Standard Chartered bank account Within 15 minutes
    C Tuesday, 2PM S$200,001 Non-Standard Chartered bank account Wednesday
  • For details, please click here.
  • Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (“Standard Chartered” or the “Bank”)’s CashOne Personal Loan / Credit Card Instalment Loan Disbursement Terms and Conditions is applicable if an applicant makes an application for a CashOne Personal Loan (“CashOne”) or a Credit Card Instalment Loan (“Application”), successfully submits a completed Application to the Bank and the Bank approves such an Application. The transfer of funds to the applicant’s designated Standard Chartered Current/Cheque & Save Account(s) or non-Standard Chartered Current or Savings Account (each account a “Designated Account”) (“Loan Disbursement”) is subject to (a) the applicant successfully submitting a completed Application to the Bank; and (b) the Bank approving the Application which must satisfy the Bank’s eligibility criteria, including our credit and risk management policies, as well as prevailing laws and regulations. The Bank reserves the right to reject any Application which does not fulfil our criteria at our discretion. If the Bank is unable to process the Application or the Loan Disbursement due to system failure, system outage, malfunction, delay or any other circumstances whatsoever, whether within our reasonable control or otherwise, the Bank is not able to provide Loan Disbursement within the time periods(as stated in clauses 3 to 5 of the CashOne Personal Loan / Credit Card Instalment Loan Disbursement terms and conditions), and the Bank disclaims all liability arising for any such delay including any loss, damage or inconvenience caused to/incurred by you the applicant, or any third party arising from or in connection therewith. Click here for full terms and conditions which apply.
  • For details, please click here.