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Emerge Stronger

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Emerge Stronger

Build your Financial Cushions with us to better prepare yourself for uncertain times.

Customisable comfort when you build financial cushions with us

How well prepared are you for the next economic downturn?
With the right strategy, maintaining your lifestyle and supporting your family won’t keep you awake at night. Emerge stronger when you build your customised financial cushions with us.

Sg emerge stronger rewards
  1. Have a comfortable cushion to lean on

    With a little planning, you can emerge stronger from this recession and build your financial cushion in preparation for the next one.

  2. It's easier than you think

    With the right customised strategy, it’s much quicker and easier than you may think.

Sg emerge stronger rewards
  1. Start with one cushion and stack on

    The great thing about financial cushions is that you can start with one, then keep stacking them up to increase your comfort level.

  2. Prepare for the worst and look forward to the best

    Emerge stronger tomorrow and rest a little easier today by finding the most comfortable financial cushioning strategy with Standard Chartered.

Sg emerge stronger rewards
  1. You don’t need a lot of money to begin

    The future may not be so uncertain, even if you don’t have a lot of money to set aside for it now.

  2. You can start small

    By selecting the most comfortable cushion for yourself, you can emerge stronger from this recession, knowing you have something to fall back on.

Pick a Financial Cushion

What can you do to Emerge Stronger from this recession and cushion yourself before the next one?

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The Full Body Pillow Strategy

How does it work?
Deploy your savings to maximum effect by getting a single-premium insurance plan offering either a lump sum payout or recurring income in the future. Or, opt for a tactical combination of both!

Who is it suitable for?
Those with sufficient spare cash idling in their bank accounts and wish to secure their future financial needs and lifestyle via a single commitment.


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The Stack of Cushions Strategy

How does it work?
Break down your financial cushions into several more affordable parts. Purchase an insurance plan every time you accumulate enough savings, so you start with one cushion and stack them up at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Who is it suitable for?
Those who have irregular savings that are built up over time, this is a good balance between safeguarding your future and meeting today’s needs.


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Sg slow steady privilege

The Slow & Steady Padding Strategy

How does it work?
Choose a regular premium insurance plan that you can contribute to in small monthly payments for a continuous period of several years.

Who is it suitable for?
Those who are tight on budget but who wish to build up a financial cushion over time without taking on a hefty commitment immediately.


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Not sure which type of financial cushion is most suitable for you? 

No problem! Read the full article and then decide your next steps.


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Alternatively, simply leave us your contact details below, and we will be in touch to assist you shortly.

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