Wealth Management

Our team of Wealth Management professionals can help you to nurture and grow your personal wealth.

We identify the most suitable products for you from our extensive range of financial solutions, and help you make the right investment decisions to meet your goals.

Our Wealth Management professionals understand that a successful investment portfolio requires the right asset allocation for you. The right investment choice is all about finding the suitable balance of risk and reward; keeping in mind your financial goals, risk appetite and investment timeframe.

When it comes to investing, risk and reward go hand in hand. All investments involve some degree of risk, and the reward for taking on risk is the potential for a greater return. We help you determine your appetite for risk, or in other words whether you are a conservative or aggressive investor. This information is an important factor in forming the right portfolio for you.

Your portfolio will consist of an assortment, or diverse mix of investments. Diversification is vital in ensuring your risk is kept in check. By choosing a range of investments across different asset classes, you avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket.


Mutual Funds

Funds are a smart, convenient way to invest. Whatever your long-term goals, there are thousands of professionally managed mutual funds, many of which you can invest in through Standard Chartered.

We offer you the opportunity to invest in a full range of international funds that are professionally managed. We give you access to a wide variety of asset classes such as global equities, fixed interest, emerging markets, property, commodities and more. Investment portfolios are monitored and managed by leading reputable, international fund managers.

We offer one-stop shopping for your fund needs, and you can invest in funds through one convenient and reliable source from as little as USD5,000.

Mutual Funds

Fixed Income Securities

A Fixed Income Security is a debt security where the issuer (the borrower) issues the security for purchase by the holder (the lender) and usually gives the investor a regular or fixed return. Bonds are a type of Fixed income security.

When you invest in a Fixed Income Security, you are usually entitled to receive interest payments (coupon) at scheduled intervals; and capital repayment of your initial principal amount at an agreed date in the future (maturity date).

Wrap Products

With a Wrap Product, you obtain access to a diverse menu of investment choices including asset allocation strategies, multi-manager funds, hedge funds and traditional mutual funds from world-class investment specialists.

A Wrap Product gives you the flexibility to transfer between the available investment choices free of charge as your needs change. If you are looking for a level of comfort in your investments, this product can also be designed to guarantee you a minimum return on your initial investments, no matter how your selected investment choices have performed.

Structured Products

Structured Products can be principal protected or non-principal protected notes. Principal protected notes guarantee capital on maturity and provide the potential to grow and diversify your investment.

Available with a wide variety of underlying assets (equities, managed funds, indices, commodities, currencies and interest rates), Standard Chartered offers you products that can be tailored to meet your specific market views and personal needs.

Treasury Solutions

Our Foreign Exchange (FX) desk offers competitive pricing in both spot and forward currency conversions.

A dedicated FX structured products specialist can provide you with information and pricing on a wide offering of tailor-made solutions for hedging as well as investment purposes in plain vanilla and exotic OTC FX options, dual-currency deposits, indexed deposits, European medium-term notes and warrants.

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