Term Deposit
  • Deposit 25,000 AED and get your golden ticket to win a Brand new BMW 3 series. The more you deposit and the longer you deposit, the better your chances.

    Choose the offer that suits you most:

    Offer 1: Enter a chance to win a brand new BMW 3 Series by depositing as low as AED 25,000.

    Offer 2: Get a guaranteed BMW or luxury watch voucher for a deposit of AED 11 Million and above.

    Offer 1
    Your money should work hard for you. Deposit AED 25,000 in term deposit account and get a chance to win a brand new BMW 3 series. You can also increase your chances by depositing bigger amounts for longer periods and earlier in the promotion.

    Multiply your entries by:

    How fast you deposit
    8th March – 31st March 1st April – 30th April 1st May – 31st May
    X3 entries X2 entries X1 entry
    How much you deposit
    AED25,000 AED 50,000 X (Amount of Term Deposit/25,000) Entries
    X1 entries X2 entries
    How long you deposit
    3 Months 6 Months 12 months
    X3 entries X6 entries X12 entries

    For example, if you deposit AED 50,000 on 15 March for 12 months you will receive 72 entries!
    How fast you deposit? = March = 3X
    How much you deposit = AED 50,000 = 2X
    How long you deposit = 12 = 12X

    Please note this offer is applicable only for fresh funds in AED and USD currencies.

    Apply now in any of our Branches or through online banking*.

    Terms & Conditions apply

    For Islamic banking clients

    Terms & Conditions apply

    For more details, please call 600 5222 88 or (+971) 600 5222 88 when outside the UAE or visit our branches.

    *Islamic banking clients cannot apply through online banking account.

    Offer 2.

    Get a guaranteed BMW or a luxury watch voucher.

    You will be rewarded straight away with one of the following cars or luxury watch vouchers for a minimum deposit of AED 4 Million.

    Guaranteed BMW

    Guaranteed BMW Tenor Deposit Amount (AED)** Deposit Rate Estimated Client Returns %*
    BMW 3 series 12 months 11,000,000 0.50% 1.70%
    BMW 5 series 12 months 16,000,000 0.50% 1.75%
    BMW 7 series 12 months 25,000,000 0.50% 1.80%

    Guaranteed Luxury Watch

    Luxury Watch Voucher*** Tenor Deposit Amount (AED)** Deposit Rate Estimated Client Returns %*
    AED 50,000 voucher 12 months 4,000,000 0.50% 1.70%
    AED 70,000 voucher 12 months 5,500,000 0.50% 1.75%
    AED 90,000 voucher 12 months 7,000,000 0.50% 1.80%

    *Estimated client returns are calculated taking into consideration the value of the car/voucher and the deposit rate

    **Offer available for AED deposits only.

    To apply please visit our Priority Banking Centres or contact your relationship manager.

    For more details, please call our 24-hour Priority Banking hotline on 800 4949 (or +971 4 403 9639 when outside UAE) or visit our Priority Centres.

    Terms & Conditions apply

    Terms & Conditions for Islamic banking clients