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Terms and Conditions Applicable during the XtraSaver Deposit Campaign Period:

STANDARD CHARTERED BANK, incorporated in England and Wales with limited liability by Royal Charter 1853 reference number ZC18 and licensed to operate as a commercial bank in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by the Central Bank of UAE;
“Account(s)/ Account Balance(s)/ Overall Relationship Balance” Means Current, Savings, Term Deposit products and total average deposit balance in these Accounts
“Client” Means Priority and Premium Clients who hold an active Transacting Account(s) with SCB as of 31st October 2023
“Campaign” The deposit incremental balance campaign which entitles eligible Clients to earn Special profit on their Transacting Accounts during the Campaign period
“Campaign Period” The period between 1st November 2023 to 31st January 2024, both days inclusive;
“Currency” AED
“Closing Balance” means the total of the Average Account Balance(s) as at 31st October 2023
“Special Profit” Means a Profit rate of 4.00% per annum
“XtraSaver Account” Means XtraSaver Account and Saadiq XtraSaver Account in AED Currency
  1. The Campaign will be provided only during the Campaign Period between 1st November 2023 to 31st January 2024, both days inclusive.
  2. Clients shall be eligible to earn Special Profit if they meet the requirements set out in these Terms & Conditions.
  3. To be eligible to earn Special Profit, a Client must increase their Account Balance(s) by a minimum of AED 50,000 on their XtraSaver Account. Clients can open a new XtraSaver account if they do not have an existing account.
  4. Balances transferred from any of the existing Account(s) to the XtraSaver Account are not eligible for Special Profit. [Illustrations below]
  5. The Special profit will be calculated on the average incremental balance brought into the XtraSaver Account. If the total Account Balance(s) during the Campaign Period has not increased by a minimum of AED 50,000 over the Closing Balance, then the Special Profit will not be eligible for pay-out.
  6. The minimum and maximum Special profit amounts payable at the end of the Campaign Period to each eligible Client shall be AED 750 and AED 30,000
  7. Special profit will be credited to eligible Clients who meet the campaign criteria on or before 15th March 2024.
  8. In event of closure of any or all of the Account(s) prior to the expiry of the Campaign Period; no profit will be paid on the balance that was held in such account(s).
  9. Clients, who are eligible to take part in the Campaign, as per these terms and conditions, will receive an SMS and/or an e‐mail from Standard Chartered with details of this Campaign. If a Client has 2 or more relationships with Standard Chartered under the same mobile number and/or same email address, or family linked account(s) such Clients will have to refer to their Priority relationship manager or Premium Executive (as applicable) to clarify which Relationship is part of the Campaign to avail the offer.
  10. These terms and conditions are supplemental to the Client & Product Terms and Conditions
  11. The Campaign and these terms and conditions may be amended and/or terminated at any time by SCB without prior notice.
  12. The Special profit payable under the Campaign will be applied to all eligible Clients automatically. If any eligible Client wishes to opt out of this Campaign they may do so at any time by notifying their Priority Banking relationship manager or Premium executive. A Client’s participation in the Campaign constitutes to his/her acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein and may be amended from time to time.
  13. For Saadiq XtraSaver, Hiba is over and above the Mudarabah rate and is being offered by the Bank at its sole discretion. If there is no Mudarabah profit or (there is) loss, Hiba will not be paid.

Arabic version of the Terms & Conditions available on request.

For campaign illustrations click here