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Head of Asset Allocation and Portfolio Advice

Meet Aditya 1 article

Head of Islamic Origination

Meet Ahsan 2 articles

Chief Executive Officer, Gambia

Meet Albert 1 article

Global Head of Transaction Banking

Meet Alex 4 articles

Global Head, Investment Strategy & Advisory

Meet Alexis 3 articles

Head of South Asia Economic Research

Meet Anubhuti 1 article

Global Head, Banks, Correspondent Banking, and Regional Head, Transaction Banking Americas

Meet Anurag 1 article

CEO, Retail Banking & Wealth Management

Meet Ben 4 articles

Senior Economist, Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan

Meet Bilal 2 articles

Group Chief Executive

Meet Bill 6 articles

Managing Director and Global Head of RMB Solutions, Corporate and Institutional Clients

Meet Carmen 2 articles

Economist, Asia

Meet Chidu 1 article

Head of Equity Investment Strategy

Meet Clive 9 articles

Daniel Hanna, Global Head of Sustainable Finance

Meet Daniel 2 articles

Group General Counsel

Meet David 3 articles

Global Co-Head Financial Crime Compliance

Meet David 2 articles

Global Chief Economist

Meet David 9 articles

Guest author: Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Premise

Meet David 1 article

Head, Liquidity Management and Escrow Solutions

Meet David 1 article

CEO, Virtual Bank

Meet Deniz 1 article

Head of ASEAN Economic Research

Meet Edward 2 articles

Head of RMB Products, Transaction Banking

Meet Frankie 1 article

Global Head, Digitisation & Client Access, Transaction Banking

Meet Gautam 1 article

Chair, Standard Chartered’s Board Financial Crime Risk Committee

Meet Gay Huey 1 article

Global Head, Capital Markets

Meet Henrik 3 articles

Chief Executive Officer, Sierra Leone

Meet Idrissa 1 article

Guest author: Former Chief Executive Officer, Save the Children International

Meet Jasmine 1 article

Regional Head of Retail Banking, Africa & Middle East | Africa & Middle East

Meet Jaydeep 1 article

Co-Head, Global Banking, Americas and Global Head, Public Sector & Development Organisations, Investors & Insurance

Meet Jeremy 1 article

Chief Executive Officer, China

Meet Jerry 1 article

US Rates Strategist

Meet John 1 article

Global Head, Financial Crime Compliance

Meet John 1 article

Chief Executive Officer, Nepal

Meet Joseph 1 article


Meet José 3 articles

Head of Central Banks and Sovereign Wealth Funds

Meet Jukka 4 articles

Global Head, Community Engagement

Meet Julie 1 article

Global Head, Public Sector and Development Organisations

Meet Karby 1 article

Senior Economist, Hong Kong

Meet Kelvin 8 articles

Economist, China

Meet Lan 3 articles

Regional Head of Investor and Intermediary Product Management

Meet Lisa 1 article

Head, Thematic Research

Meet Madhur 21 articles

Head of Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities Investment Strategy

Meet Manpreet 6 articles

Global Head, Securities Services, Transaction Banking

Meet Margaret 5 articles

Head of Trade Products, Transaction Banking, Africa

Meet Memeh 1 article

Group Chief Information Officer

Meet Michael 3 articles

Head of Trade, Europe & Americas

Meet Michael 3 articles

Country Head of Global Banking , UAE

Meet Mohamed 1 article

Director of Conservation, National Park Rescue

Meet Dr Niall 1 article

Global Co-Head Financial Crime Compliance

Meet Patricia 1 article

Managing Director and Head of Global Banking, Singapore

Meet Patrick 1 article

Head of Commodities Research

Meet Paul 1 article

Senior Economist, Global Geopolitical Strategist

Meet Philippe 9 articles

Chief Economist, Africa

Meet Razia 7 articles

Chief Executive Officer, South Africa and Southern Africa

Meet Richard 1 article

Managing Director, Oil and Gas

Meet Rob 1 article

Head of Transaction Banking, China

Meet Sam 1 article

Chief Economist, Europe & Americas

Meet Sarah 7 articles

Head of Retail Banking, Jersey

Meet Scott 1 article

Head of Retail Banking, UAE | Dubai

Meet Shehzad 1 article

Global Head, Correspondent Banking Products, Transaction Banking

Meet Shirish 1 article

Head of Greater China Economic Research

Meet Shuang 3 articles

Chief Executive, Corporate, Commercial and Institutional Banking

Meet Simon 1 article

Independent advisor member of Standard Chartered’s Board Financial Crime Risk Committee and former Director of the British Government Communications Headquarters

Meet Sir Iain 1 article

Chief Investment Strategist

Meet Steve 15 articles

Global Head, Distribution Transformation, Voice and Virtual, Retail Banking

Meet Stuart 1 article

Precious Metals Analyst

Meet Suki 1 article

Regional Chief Executive Officer, Africa and Middle East

Meet Sunil 4 articles

Head of Global Private Equity Portfolio Management and Regional Head of MENA Private Equity

Meet Taimoor 2 articles

Former Managing Director, SC Studios, LLC

Meet Todd 7 articles

Regional Chief Executive Officer, Europe and Americas and CEO, Private Banking

Meet Tracy 1 article

Global Head of Public Affairs and Sustainability

Meet Vasuki 4 articles

Global Head, Treasury Solutions

Meet Victor 2 articles

Head of Investment Strategy, Wealth Management, Hong Kong

Meet Will 1 article

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