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Direct Transfers to e-wallets

Hassle-free funds transfer between bank accounts and e-wallets of non-bank financial institutions (NFIs)

  • No more debit or credit cards for e-wallet top-ups

  • Transfer funds almost instantly to your favourite e-wallets via FAST or PayNow

  • Our online banking security features ensure your funds are safe and your transactions are secure

Transferring funds to e-wallets

Fast and Secure Transfers (FAST)

Make a FAST transfer using the e-wallet account number of the beneficiary

PayNow Transfers - Individual VPA

VPA for individuals will follow the format below: +(Country code)(Mobile number)#(e-wallet identifier) Available e-wallet identifiers are GRAB, DASH and XNAP For example: +6591234567#GRAB

PayNow Transfers

Make a PayNow transfer using the Virtual Payment Address (VPA) which is a new proxy type for transfers to e-wallets

PayNow Transfers - Corporate VPA

VPA for corporates will follow the format below: UEN(UEN #)#(Name of the e-wallet) Available e-wallet identifiers are GRAB, DASH and XNAP For example: UEN20071234A#DASH

Make PayNow transfers using VPA

  • Select ‘PayNow’ under Transfers & Payments

  • Enter the VPA of the beneficiary

  • Type in the amount you wish to transfer

  • Complete the transfer. The funds should be available in the e-wallet soon

RTOB Accounts
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Yes, you can.    While all NFIs accept FAST transfers, only some accept PayNow transfers. Please refer to the next FAQ for more details.

NFIs available for FAST transfers: Grab Financial Group, Liquid Group, MatchMove, Singtel Dash, and TransferWise

NFIs available for PayNow transfers: Grab Financial Group, Liquid Group and Singtel Dash

Step 1: Login to your account via Standard Chartered Online Banking or Mobile Banking App

Step 2: Select “Transfers & Paymentsfollowed by “Local Transfer”.

Step 3: Select the account to transfer from and Select Payee from list of existing payee. or Add a Payee by entering the Account details of the Payee.

Step 4: Enter the amount and submit.

No. Currently there are no fees imposed by banks for transferring funds to NFI e-wallets.

You can make a PayNow transfer using the Virtual Payment Address (VPA) of the beneficiary.

A Virtual Payment address, or VPA, is an identifier used by the NFIs that can be uniquely mapped to an individual account.

 VPA for individuals will follow the format below:

Grab user:  +(Country Code)(mobile number)#GRAB

For example: +6591234567#GRAB

 VPA for corporates will follow the format below:

Grab user: UEN(UEN #)#GRAB

For example: UEN20071234A#GRAB

There is no separate cap imposed by Standard Chartered Bank for PayNow transfers to e-wallets. However, daily cumulative limits for PayNow transactions will remain applicable. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for use of PayNow with Standard Chartered for the applicable limits.

Different e-wallets could have different limits. Please directly for this information. If your funds transfer(s) to such recipient’s account would cause the total new balance in the recipient’s account to exceed such limits, your funds transfer(s) may be rejected.