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Frequently Asked Questions

You may check the amount by logging on to Online Banking / SC Mobile app or the CPF website with SingPass.

To make changes to your monthly CPF payment arrangements, please do so via ‘Online Services’ on the CPF website. It typically takes 1 working day for the CPF board to effect the revised amount. For more information, please contact the CPF board.

The Bank’s 3-month Compounded SORA rate is repriced on the first business day every three months. If there are any revisions in rates or to your monthly instalments, we will notify you on the effective date of the revised rates.

Online Banking and SC Mobile app
Step 1: Log in to Online Banking or SC Mobile app
Step 2: Under “Help & Services”, select “Mortgage Management”
Step 3: Select “Mortgage Repricing”
Step 4: Select the loan account
Step 5: Review the request and click ‘Next’ to submit your request

Click here for the full list of available Digital Services.

Simply email our Mortgage team at SG.MRU@sc.com

Repricing allows you to enjoy the new loan package within a month, while refinancing typically takes about 3 months. This means you could start enjoying interest savings earlier when you opt for repricing.

Repricing could involve a repricing admin fee of about $1,000 whereas refinancing requires you to pay legal and valuation fees, usually above $2,000. The engagement of law firm and valuation company will not be required if you choose to reprice, which saves you valuable time and money.

• Your mortgage loan can be redeemed in part, either by serving us a 1-month notice in writing or paying 1 month’s interest in lieu of notice. Your partial prepayment must also be a minimum of S$10,000.

• Please note that there will be a 1.50% partial redemption fee payable on the amount of the Mortgage Facilities prepaid during the Lock-In Period.

• To proceed with a redemption, click here to retrieve a redemption form.

Yes, you may redeem your loan in part using CPF and there will not be a requirement to serve a 1-month notice in writing. You can proceed to put forth the instruction via the CPF website using your SingPass or visit any CPF branch office.

• You may redeem your loan in full by serving us a 2-month notice in writing or 2 months’ interest in lieu of notice .

• Please note that there will be a 1.50% full redemption fee payable on the amount of the Mortgage Facilities redeemed during the Lock-In Period.

• To proceed with a redemption, click here to retrieve a redemption form.

We will appoint a law firm to process the full redemption if you have not done so. If you prefer to appoint your own law firm, please note that your choice of law firm is subject to our approval.

• When you redeem your Mortgage Facilities, you will have to pay all fees (such as legal fees, including our legal fees and discharge of mortgage) relating to the discharge of the Mortgage Property. These fees will be billed directly to you by the chosen law firm. The legal fees for the discharge of property typically ranges from S$900 to S$1,200.

• The range given is only an indicative amount. Please check with the law firm directly for the actual costs before proceeding.

The Singapore Land Authority typically takes 3 weeks to 1 month to release the title deed to the lawyer. Thereafter, the lawyer should contact you for collection within a week.

A fire insurance for a residential property provides coverage against the loss or damage to the insured property as a result of fire and extraneous perils as stated in the policy. The policy is commonly referred to as Mortgagee Interest Policy (MIP).

Under the Land Titles (Strata) Act (Chapter 158), the Management Corporation of the property (MCST) must insure “Damage Policy”, a fire insurance policy which ensures that the entire development, including its common property is protected.

As the Damage Policy and MIP serve different protection needs and purposes, there is no duplication of protection.

Sum insured is the reinstatement cost needed to rebuild a home after a fire, and not the market value of the property. (The land value is not included because in the event of a total loss, the land will still be present)

The Sum Insured Value (SIV) is determined by the Bank.
For private apartments with strata-title, SIV is based on the reinstatement value or outstanding loan amount, whichever is lower. For private apartments without strata-titled & landed property, SIV is based on the reinstatement value.

Yes. However, any request for a change in insurance company is subject to our approval. Please notify us about your intention to use your own insurance company.

You will need to provide the following documents to us 5 business days before the expiry of your insurance policy :

a. The original copy of a signed letter of undertaking for our safe-keeping
b. The original fire insurance policy, with
i) Us (the Bank) stated as the Mortgagee;
ii) A non-cancellation clause stating that we must be informed by the insurer prior to
any cancellation or any material changes proposed to be made to the policy; and
iii) the original receipt showing the premium was paid

Note: If the documents listed above are not furnished to us before the expiry of your insurance policy, the Bank will instruct Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE Singapore Branch to effect the fire insurance for you.

Please also note that there is an upfront administration fee of S$100. Thereafter, an annual administration fee of S$100 will be charged.

It is required because if there is a failure to service your loan as a result of damage to the mortgaged home, the bank can make a claim against the insurer on the MIP. The homeowner will remain liable for the outstanding property loan amount to the MIP Insurer.

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