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Amendments to Mortgage Facility Terms – Effective 10th October 2016

We are changing our Mortgage Facility Terms.

With effect from 10th October 2016 (“Effective Date”), we are revising the Mortgage Facility Terms that apply to your personal and electronic banking relationship and your accounts and products with us (collectively, our “Relationship”). From the Effective Date, our Relationship will be governed by our revised Mortgage Facility Terms.

What’s new with the latest Mortgage Facility Terms?

Our revised Mortgage Facility Terms include a new Tariff Sheet, which sets out the fees and charges in relation to the Mortgage Facility.

When will the changes be effective? How will the changes affect me?

If you continue your banking relationship with us from 10th October 2016, these changes will apply to our Relationship with effect from 10th October 2016.

Our revised Mortgage Facility Terms will replace all prior versions of these terms. Do read and understand the revised Mortgage Facility Terms.

Where do I obtain copies of the revised terms?

From the Effective Date (10th October 2016 ), you may obtain a copy of our revised Mortgage Facility Terms on our website at sc.com/sg/personal-banking-terms-conditions.html or simply click here . Alternatively, from 10th October 2016, you may also visit any of our branches or call 1800 747 7000 to request for hard copies of these terms.

Please click here for a preview of our revised Mortgage Facility Terms

Who can I call if I have questions on these changes?

If you have any questions on the changes, please call our 24-hour Client Contact Centre at 1800 747 7000 or visit any of our branches.