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Important Information

Important Changes to Customer Terms

Important Changes to Customer Terms

With effect from 15 July 2017, our Customer Terms Clause 4.6, 8.1, 12 and 40 will be revised to enable eAdvices which is a new bundled service with eStatements.

What’s new?

The following is a summary of the key changes (reflected in bold and italicised in this announcement):

4. Authority

Scope of account operating authority

4.6 Except to the extent you may limit the authority of an authorised person, each authorised person may act on the account. Depending on the product, an authorised person may:

  • draw cheques;
  • overdraw to any extent permitted by us;
  • withdraw money in any manner;
  • give and cancel authorities in our usual form for periodical payments;
  • stop a payment of a cheque drawn on the account;
  • access and operate the account using an electronic banking service in accordance with our banking agreement;
  • obtain statements of account and any information required concerning the accounts generally;
  • obtain cheque books and endorse cheques or other instruments payable to your order or if it is a
  • joint account, payable to any one or more of you; and
  • elect on your behalf to receive eStatements, eAdvices and notices electronically (instead of by mail), and cancel that election.
  1. What is electronic banking?


8.1   Electronic banking services are a range of banking and other services or facilities that use electronic equipment and include:

  • ATM and debit card services
  • Banking services provided via cash deposit machines
  • DASH services (Please refer to www.dash.com.sg/terms for the latest terms and conditions)
  • eStatements
  • eAdvices
  • electronic alert
  • fund transfer services
  • mobile banking
  • phone banking
  • point of sale banking
  • online banking
  • SMS banking
  • other e-commerce or value added services
  1. eStatements and eAdvices

12.1 eAdvices is a bundled service with eStatements. By electing to receive eStatements, you will also receive eAdvices. You may receive eStatements and eAdvices by one of the following methods:

Method Description
Email and online Your eStatement and eAdvice is sent by email to your email address (last notified). Your eStatement and eAdvice will also be available by online banking.
Online only An “eStatement Notification” or “eAdvice Notification” message is sent to your email address (last notified) to advise you that your eStatement or eAdvice is available. You may then access and/or download your eStatement or eAdvice by online banking.

12.2 Despite the features or options offered at the time you first register to receive eStatements and eAdvices, we may stop issuing paper printouts of your statements, notices or confirmation advices at any time. However, if you ask, we agree to give paper printouts on the basis that you pay the applicable fee (see the tariff booklet or contact us).You may switch the manner in which you receive eStatements and eAdvices by contacting us. For clarity, if you elect to, you must subscribe to both eStatements and eAdvices. If you subsequently elect to unsubscribe from eStatements or eAdvices, you will be unsubscribed from both these two electronic banking services.

12.3 You are taken to receive each of your eStatement and eAdvice within 24 hours of the “eStatement Notification” and “eAdvice Notification” being sent by us.

12.4 You must use only software compatible with the eStatement and eAdvice service to access the eStatement and eAdvice.

When will the changes be effective? 

The revised terms will apply from 15 July 2017.

Where do I obtain copies of the revised terms?

You may obtain a copy of our revised Customer Terms on our website at sc.com/sg from 15 July 2017. Alternatively, you may call 1800 747 7000 to request for hard copies of these terms from 15 July 2017.

Who can I call if I have questions on these changes?

If you have any questions on the changes, please call 1800 747 7000 or visit any of our branches