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Important Information

Important Changes to Customer Terms

Important Changes to Customer Terms

With effect from 08 December 2017, our Customer Terms, Clause 7.2 (Form of notices and communications) will be revised.

What’s changed?
There is no new or substantive change to our banking relationship, and the amendments to the Customer Terms are to clarify and set out what Standard Chartered will do in the event we have reason to believe that correspondence sent to your last notified address isn’t reaching you.

The clarification to the Customer Terms is:

  • Where we have reason to believe that correspondences sent to the address last notified has not reached you, we may stop sending correspondences to that address.
  • We may suspend or stop sending you notices, correspondences, and communications if we reasonably believe that you no longer reside at such last notified address.

When will the changes be effective?
The revised terms will apply from 08 December 2017.

Where do I obtain copies of the revised terms?
You may obtain a copy of our revised Customer Terms on our website at sc.com/sg from 08 November 2017.