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    Helping clients expand their business from Europe and the Americas to Asia, Africa and the Middle East

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Our network of experts covers 12 countries across Europe and the Americas, seeking out opportunities to meet all of your company’s needs with deep sector expertise and insights

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A world of opportunities

Find out how our teams in Europe and the Americas are seeking opportunities in dynamic markets

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Find out how we are an industry and sector banking partner who understands the needs, challenges and opportunities in your industry



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Empowering the next generation

Futuremakers by Standard Chartered empowers young people to navigate our complex and changing world. Our varied engagement programmes tackle inequality, skills and resource shortages, and aim to inspire young people to achieve great things. By delivering activities focused on education, employability and entrepreneurship, Futuremakers offers a boost to the next generation during the key transitional phase between the final years of education and initial years of work.

Your success is our business

Your partner in dynamic markets