Understanding and responding to your requirements, at home and abroad.

Understanding and responding to your requirements, at home and abroad.

As a Priority Banking client you are looking for a premium level of service and attention wherever you are. It’s what you can expect from a total banking relationship.

Dedicated Team of Experts

When you become a Priority Banking client, a dedicated and skilled Relationship Manager is assigned to manage your interests and oversee your total financial relationship with the Bank.

Your Relationship Manager is ably supported by a qualified and experienced team of experts comprising of client service managers and product specialists who assess your specific needs and connect you to a wide range of financial solutions such as investment and foreign exchange options, insurance policies, mortgages and other business account services.

With our ‘team approach’ You can be assured of always receiving the highest levels of service, expertise and attention in your banking relationship with us.

Ask Once and It's Done Service

Ask Once and It's Done Service

As our Priority Banking client, we understand your need for a faster, simpler and differentiated banking experience. From the way you bank with us, to the way you reach us.

Here are some examples of how we serve you:

  • Your interactions with us will always be facilitated through dedicated banking channels that provide you the exclusivity that you deserve. These include Priority Banking centres, exclusive teller queues and dedicated helplines in your country
  • Your specific requests will always be responded to promptly with solutions from our highly empowered relationship teams at our branches and call centres
  • Your transactions and new product applications, be they deposit accounts, credit card or property loans are both simplified and fast-tracked for your convenience

Our promise is to ensure that we resolve your requests and meet your requirement in the shortest possible time, keeping you fully informed in the process.

As a Priority Banking client, you only need to ask us once and we will ensure that it gets done.

Exclusive Banking Channels

In keeping with the service you deserve, we offer you access to a full range of exclusive and differentiated banking channels.

These include:

  • Exclusive Priority Banking Centres with full service capabilities including meeting rooms that provide discretion and confidentiality
  • Exclusive Priority Banking teller queues at most of our branches
  • Dedicated Priority Banking helpline with direct access to an experienced phone banker
  • Internet and mobile banking facilities

These simple yet effective time-saving measures help you complete your banking transactions faster and with the level of comfort that you are most accustomed to.

International Banking Services

Seamless International Banking beyond borders.

Your global connectivity is as important as your global access to funds. Whether you are travelling overseas or settling in a new country or investing overseas , we are able to provide comprehensive solutions to meet your financial needs, onshore and offshore. Click here to go to the International Banking Services