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Benefits of using Bharat QR to pay via credit card

Benefits of bharat qr

Benefits of using Bharat QR to pay via credit card

Bharat QR via credit card

Discover the benefits of making payments using Bharat QR. Make unlimited secure payments using this functionality on your SC Mobile App. Explore now!

Benefits of Using Bharat QR to Pay via Credit Card

Digital payments in India are in a transitional zone. The booming Indian economy is on the lookout for safer, smarter, faster, and simpler monetary transaction facilities. Keeping in line with this demand, the Government of India launched a unique bank-based functionality, that triggers the payment process by scanning codes.

Bharat QR was launched as an interoperable, integrated payment system by NPCI and was then adopted by Mastercard and VISA in September 2016. A user would have to scan the Bharat QR code at a Merchant store and select a card to make the payment. On successful transaction, both the cardholder and merchant are notified. Though people were reluctant to try it, thousands of merchants and customers have benefited greatly by this functionality. Its simplicity and effectiveness have meant that presently the popularity of Bharat QR facility is equally high among people of different backgrounds.

Perks of Bharat QR payment mode

The impact of Bharat QR has been deep among people of different backgrounds and age. This is because it is much more convenient and safe as opposed to carrying cash. Besides, the modern urban population has also become reliant on online payment options. Thus, the introduction of Bharat QR payment mode has come as welcome news for most individuals in India. Here are some points, which have boosted the popularity and use of this payment mode:

Freedom from traditional payment modes

Technological advancements in payment procedures has undermined the value of the conventional paper currency. Plastic money or debit and credit cards ruled the transaction sector for long. With the advent of payment options like Bharat QR, plastic currency has also taken a backseat. New-age tech-savvy individuals understand the security issues, associated with card swiping. Thus, they opt for safer and simpler QR-linked payment applications.

Convenient for merchants and customers

For merchants, Bharat QR is a cost-effective mechanism, since there is no additional infrastructure needed at the merchant’s end apart from a simple QR code. For the customer, it is convenient since even if they are not carrying a card, the functionality is available for use with the Mobile Banking app by simply scanning and paying. Enhance your shopping experience with your Standard Chartered card using Bharat QR now!

Presence of payment terminals

The government has succeeded in roping in both private and public sector banks to join the Bharat QR bandwagon. The Central Government will soon widen the utilities of this code-based payment functionality. It will encourage more banks to show interest in incorporating the Bharat QR Code platform.

Secure payment option

These days cybercriminals are always on the prowl and utilise all possible opportunities to get their hands on your confidential data. It is not wise to take risks when your hard-earned money is on the line. Using Bharat QR to pay via credit card or debit card is a secure monetary transaction option since it is authenticated by the card pin.

Innumerable payment possibilities

From small street-side tea stall to shopping malls, you will be able to use this code-scanning payment technique anywhere. With this payment mode, people will be able to make payments on time, every time, irrespective of the location.

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