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Stay ahead of the curve with Standard Chartered Smart Card

SC Smart card – Get better benefits compared to other cards

Stay ahead of the curve with Standard Chartered Smart Card

Credit cards are a popular mode of transaction among many users.

Credit cards are popular for two main reasons –

  1. They let you buy on credit and then pay for your purchases later on. In a cash crunch, credit cards, therefore, prove to be a saviour.
  2. Moreover, the rewards associated with credit cards cannot be ignored.

When it comes to rewards, what if you get rewarded every time you shop?

The latest Standard Chartered Smart Card, a cashback credit card, offers attractive cashback across your spends. While there are other cards too which offer spend-based rewards, Standard Chartered Smart Card is a step ahead of the rest.

Wondering why?

Have a look at these reasons –

1. No merchant-based reward program

One of the USPs of Standard Chartered Smart Card is the universal reward program which is not affiliated with any specific member. While other credit cards allow reward points at their merchant partners only, Standard Chartered Smart Card allows rewards wherever you shop. Whatever transaction that you do, with any merchant, you get a cashback* if you use your credit card. This gives you the flexibility and freedom to use the card at your discretion.

2. Cashbacks on both online and offline spends

Many credit cards offer benefits only on online spends. For offline spends, however, there are no benefits. Standard Chartered Smart Card, on the other hand, does not differentiate. Whether you spend online or offline, you get to earn a cashback. Online spends give you a cashback of 2%* of the transaction value while offline spends give you a cashback of 1%* of the transaction value.

3. Assured cashbacks up to Rs.18,000

Did you know that you can earn a cashback of up to Rs.18,000 in a year? Yes, Standard Chartered Smart Card allows you cashbacks up to Rs.18,000/year through your spends. Here’s how –

  • 2% cashback on online spend up to Rs.1000/month. This translates to a cashback of up to Rs.12,000 in a year.
  • 1% cashback on offline spend up to Rs.500/month. This translates to Rs.6000 per year.

So, you get a total cashback of Rs.18,000. So, shop to your heart’s content and save on each transaction through the rewarding cashback facility.
In the case of other cards, the cashbacks might be limited or you might simply earn reward points which are redeemable against catalogued gifts and/or vouchers.

4. Easy EMI facility

Standard Chartered understands that big purchases can blow a hole in your budget. As such, the Smart Card allows you to convert your big purchases into convenient and affordable EMIs. While other credit cards also offer the EMI facility, what sets Standard Chartered Smart Card apart is the underlying fee and interest rate. If you choose a 3-month EMI, no processing fee would be levied on EMI conversions. Moreover, the interest rate on the EMI would be a mere 0.99% per month, which is low compared to other cards.
Other cards, on the other hand, might not offer the EMI facility altogether or, if offered, might charge a high interest rate.

5. Extended credit period

While most cards allow an interest-free credit period of 45 days, Smart Card allows it for 90 days after the card is issued for the first 90 days only if you pay the minimum amount due. So, you can enjoy an extended credit period and save on the interest costs with Standard Chartered Smart Card.

These benefits make the Standard Chartered Credit Card better than many other cards available in the market. Compare the Smart Card with other cards if you want to check the differences yourself. When you are convinced, choose the Standard Chartered Smart Card and get better benefits.


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