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Travelling without insurance? From baggage loss to air accidents, Standard Chartered’s got you covered with travel insurance on credit cards.

Credit Cards That Offer Insurance When You Travel

Travelling without insurance? From baggage loss to air accidents, Standard Chartered’s got you covered with travel insurance on credit cards.

Credit cards that offer insurance when you travel

Now, always travel with insurance. Read on to know more.

Credit cards that offer insurance when you travel

All of us know of stories of lost baggage when travelling by air and hope that it doesn’t happen to us, till it happens to us While, there is no way of predicting this,  there is definitely a way to protect your luggage with insurance coverage. You can get it inbuilt with your credit card itself.

Ever imagine that if you lose your baggage, your credit card can actually come in handy? Or if you face an accident or fall ill in a foreign land, you can actually seek help from your credit card. With Standard Chartered bank credit cards get the benefits of travel insurance which will insure you against air accidents, loss of luggage and even illnesses when you are travelling abroad. So which card gives you these benefits?

Air accident coverage

Air accident insurance provides coverage for injuries that result from an aircraft accident. Aviation accident insurance covers injuries sustained by pilots as well as travellers. If you are a frequent traveller, it may be a cumbersome process to separately purchase air accident insurance every time you travel, but if you have a credit card that provides air accident coverage, there’s nothing like it.  The Standard Chartered Emirates World credit card comes with a complimentary overseas insurance. With this card, you can protect yourself with overseas air accident coverage of Rs 1 crore The Priority Visa Banking Infinite credit card from Standard Chartered is also helpful with respect to air accident coverage as it protects you with complimentary overseas air accident cover of Rs 1.2 Crore without charging you anything extra on your card.

Flight delay

Ever thought you could insure yourself if your flight comes in late, and you lose important work or may be a connecting flight in the process? Flight delay insurance provides compensation to the travellers for the inconvenience caused to them when their flight is cancelled, diverted or delayed. With the Standard Chartered Emirates World credit card, you get a flight delay insurance worth up to Rs 1 crore.

Loss of baggage

Loss of baggage is a nightmare. Needless to say, when your luggage is misplaced by the carrier, it causes huge inconvenience, leave alone the fact that you may end up losing expensive things. It’s great if the carrier can locate your luggage and send it back to you but just in case there is a permanent loss of luggage, you can well be reimbursed for it if you have the Standard Chartered Emirates World credit card. How? Well, with this credit card comes a coverage of Rs 1 crore for permanent loss of luggage so you, the insured traveller, will be reimbursed for the value of lost luggage and personal items inside. That’s some relief, isn’t it?

Medical insurance

A sudden medical emergency when travelling abroad can be chaotic. You might not have adequate cash to fund the expenses just in case you need to be hospitalised. That’s where the Priority Banking Visa Infinite credit card comes in handy. With this credit card, you get a complimentary overseas medical insurance of 25,000 US dollars, which is equivalent to approximately Rs 18 lakh, provided it is spent on medical expenses incurred overseas.

So, why worry any more when travelling abroad? Bring home any of these cards, and enjoy a tension free vacation or work travel. Live life to the fullest, your credit card will take care of the rest.


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