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Know the many reasons why you should consider getting insurance

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Know the many reasons why you should consider getting insurance

5 Reasons why you should consider getting insurance

Want to understand how getting an insurance can safeguard your future? Standard Chartered will help you get the right answers to all your insurance-related needs. Get your #SahiJagahSahiJawab on why getting an insurance is crucial for your financial security.

The phrase ‘Life turns on a dime’ states how life can change any day –  which is why everyone should have insurance to secure it. This uncertainty creates an opportunity for insurance to cover the damage and manage risks. Having the right type of insurance plays a crucial role while claiming for loss or dealing with exorbitant expenses in case of a sudden eventuality. Here are five reasons why insurance is vital at every stage of life:

Protection for your family

There are different types of coverages available that give financial stability during a potential loss, leading to extreme difficulty for your family. Certain accidents leave families destitute leading to dependencies on relatives and friends. Buying insurance in the form of term life and personal accident plans helps protect your family by providing money during an event of death, disability, and other such scenarios. Get #SahiJagahSahiJawab on how you can protect your family’s future with the host of insurance solutions provided by the insurance partners of Standard Chartered.

Assistance during emergency

Emergencies of varying magnitudes can arise at any moment leaving you helpless and stressed. Crisis like house damage, car accident, emergency hospitalisation etc., can set you back financially and emotionally. Getting the right insurance at the right time can help you cover the costs of house repairs due to fire or robbery, motor repair, hospitalisation expenses and other such emergencies.

Peace of mind

Your health and well-being can be affected by occurrences of unforeseen illnesses, injuries, and other events that can disrupt your peace of mind. But, having insurance can relieve the stress of seeking financial assistance if something were to happen. Insurance plans cover expenses for hospitalisation, partial or permanent disability, common illnesses, and more based on your needs. Some plans also cover hospitalisation expenses while travelling abroad, providing comfort during an unfortunate situation. Check out the insurance solutions provided by the insurance partners of Standard Chartered to know about the plans that suit your needs.

Financial security

Planning for your future and retirement is important because this is the period when you may have limited to no sources of income. You need financial security to safeguard your retirement and help you to prepare for it ahead of time. You can have a secure future with the right type of insurance. Insurance also provides tax benefits and comes with multiple options to invest your funds with higher returns and boosters to your principal amount. It serves as an investment tool for your financial security in the future. Get your #SahiJagahSahiJawab for insurance and retirement-related questions with the help of Standard Chartered’s insurance specialists.

Protection for your business

Insurances help shield your business from possible harm like burglary, natural calamities, fire, terrorism, etc. Some plans also cover companies for losses caused due to fraud and fidelity by any of the employees, protecting your business from all probable issues.

Get insurance now to secure your future. Find out more about the different types of plans available to accommodate your financial needs while paying for premiums. With a banking experience of over160 years, Standard Chartered will help you get the right answers on the type of insurance that works best for you with #SahiJagahSahiJawab.