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Different stages of life, different investment options

Different stages of life

Different stages of life, different investment options

Different stages of life call for different investment options

Everyone is unique. Different tastes and different perspectives rule our senses. This is true when it comes to investing and money as well. But still, almost all investors share some common life stages. From the first job, to marriage, to being a parent and then to retirement — life stages compel us to decide how to balance finances and prepare for the situation. If one prepares for them beforehand with the right investments and strategy, life can be quite easy and simple. Here are some major life events that most of us share and some investment decisions that can come in handy.

First job

Your first job will be special. It will mean that your money journey has started. That precious amount of money with your address will mean a world to you – Confidence, independence and much more, Yet, our first job can be a harbinger of all the good things to come if you start saving and investing early to build a cash reserve. This reserve will act as an emergency fund for you and your family.

The first job should also be a time when you start planning for your golden years. The advantage of starting to save for retirement so early is that it means you have time on your side. All other factors being common, it is time which contributes the most to building a substantial retirement corpus – through the principle of compounding. For example, if you invest Rs 5,000 every month in equity mutual funds from the age of 25 till the age of 60, you will have a corpus of Rs 1.91 crore when you retire (assuming a return of 10% p.a.). If you start at 30, the corpus amount drops to Rs 1.14 cr – a drop of 41%. Push the start date further by 5 years – a start at 35 years will leave you with a corpus of Rs 67 lakhs at retirement – a drop of 65%!

Start a retirement fund early and make regular monthly contributions. Don’t worry if they are small. Starting early means you are well-placed to win this long battle. You can opt for recurring deposits or RDs,  or make use of the Standard Chartered Online Mutual Funds platform to make regular investments through Systematic investment Plans. Retirement may seem years away, but failing to plan for it is definitely planning to fail. Check out this retirement calculator in case you need help.

Marriage bells

A marriage is a lifetime bond and a responsibility like no other. It is as much a financial joint venture as an emotional investment. You should determine your new investment contributions and allocations. This should take into account your combined income and expenses post-marriage. You can start by opening a Parivaar account to get the family flexibility. Saving for goals can also be explored by the use of trusted fixed deposits that can fetch you interest with comparatively less risk..

If your spouse and family members are financially dependent on you, now may be a great time to take a good life insurance cover. You can buy insurance online here from our insurance partners website.  Term insurance plans are the cheapest and among the most cost-effective in terms of low premium and higher coverage.  Both you and your spouse, including family members from both sides, should also take advantage of your young age and get a comprehensive health policy. Check out the health insurance offerings that Standard Chartered brings to you from partner insurance companies.

House, child

Usually, buying a house is the next target. Many buy the house even before getting married. Home costs are high today, and it may take some annual raises for you to be able to afford that dream home. Home loans allow you to get attractively priced loans. Check out our home loan solutions here. Value-conscious borrowers can check out Standard Chartered’s Home Saver loan product, which helps you save on interest money by letting you park surplus funds in your loan account and is thus lighter on your pocket. Read about Home Saver here.

While every child is born with its own destiny, a lot of the financial future can be planned by responsible parents. Start a fund for your child’s higher education by investing in online mutual funds. Take the help of our fund ideas and insightful market views to choose the right product. You can invest via Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in mutual funds or use unit-linked wealth creation plans to build the treasure chest for your children’s wedding.

Life is simple if you do things when they ought to be done. Carefully study the options as per your life stage and decide your course of action. Discuss your alternatives with your adviser. Don’t forget to do regular reviews and reallocate your investments to achieve the goals and aspirations that you so rightly should achieve.

Dream big, and plan wisely!


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