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Buy latest electronic gadgets with Personal Loans


Buy latest electronic gadgets with Personal Loans

Personal Loans for electronic gadgets

Get access to latest electronic gadgets by availing a Personal Loan.

How can you get access to latest electronic gadgets by availing a Personal Loan

If you have a love for gadgets, then terms like ‘Echo’, ‘Gopro’, ‘Alexa’, and ‘smart watch’ are more than just words. They represent a passion for the best of technologies. Latest gadgets don’t come cheap. If your love for gadgets is being obstructed by the steep price you pay for them, we give you some reasons to make you happy. Instead of postponing these purchases, we give you a simple way to own those hi-tech devices. No, we are not talking about renting them.  We are speaking about  low-interest personal loans from financial institutions like Standard Chartered Bank with ease in applying for the loan.

Don't delay purchases

You work hard to maintain your lifestyle, support your family and ensure a secure future.  But in the rush to balance out everything in life,  do you sometimes give up on your own desires?  Have you been delaying the purchase of the DSLR camera with HCD lens which you always wanted?  You need not delay your purchases anymore with a simple solution from Standard Chartered. Do not burden yourself with paying for your favorite gadget at one go, pay it in easy installments or EMIs with Standard Chartered Personal Loans. . Use this personal loan calculator to check the monthly EMI for the gadget you have always dreamt of buying.

Take advantage of the big sales

With the boom of E-commerce and a plethora of offers & discounts offered, it gets more and more difficult to delay the purchase of your favorite electronic gadget. To top it, on specific dates, e-commerce portals open gates to a shopping extravaganza with exclusive offers and discounts. . But shopping online many a time means using your credit card  Why pay 30-40% annual interest if you can get a personal loan for 11.5% at Standard Chartered Bank? At one-third of credit card EMI cost, personal loans are affordable and the loan cash at your bank account can be used to fund any purchase. So, its time now to be hooked onto your playstations, laptops, music systems, and other electronic gadgets.

Apply for a personal loan online instantly

Usage of Personal loan

There are no set of instructions on usage of a personal loan, so consumers tend to use it for various purposes including purchase of gadgets, vacations, home renovations, weddings and more. Here is a 3-step easy guide on how to plan for a personal loan for gadgets

First, Draw up a list of gadgets and must-have accessories you want to buy and check for discounts if you pay for them upfront. Second, apply for a personal loan at least 14 days before you want to purchase the gadgets. Usually, after you apply online and give all the documents, the loan approval process may take 72 hours,  so give yourself enough time. Standard Chartered Bank offers personal loans starting at 11%, apply now.

Three, do your research about the product as  many a times latest upgrades to the gadget or newer models may not be available immediately. . Once you have the taken the loan , you should use it judiciously. If you run out of cash, take a top up loan.

With a personal loan, the best of gadgets are just a few clicks away. Buy that smartphone that you always wanted, but were shying away from due to its price. Bring that curve HD TV to your drawing room, and install those inverted ACs in your new house.with  personal loans from Standard Chartered Bank.