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Visa Infinite – the Priority treatment you deserve

Visa Infinite credit card

Visa Infinite – the Priority treatment you deserve

Visa Infinite credit card

Learn about the benefits of a Standard Chartered Visa Infinite credit card. Get complimentary insurances, access to lounges and other offers. Explore now!

Visa Infinite credit card - Giving You the Priority Treatment You Deserve

The Indian consumer’s perception of credit cards has changed radically over the last two decades. What was once seen as a luxury has now become a necessity for the majority of the urban Indian population. This transformation is primarily due to its numerous benefits in terms of usability and convenience. However, for many, the idea of a credit card can still be impersonal and rigid, especially when travelling abroad. While this may be true in case of the majority of credit cards, but there are also some which offer a wide range of privileges and flexible options that inadvertently make the customers feel like the priority, even when away from home.

Standard Chartered in its endeavour to excel at customer experience has redefined its flagship proposition of Priority Banking with its elite Standard Chartered Priority Visa Infinite credit card for all Priority Banking clients. It offers personalised services and bespoke privileges that match your lifestyle. While the host of rewards and offers are genuinely enticing, the cherry on top is the fact that all this can be availed without incurring any extra charge, as all the Standard Chartered Priority Banking clients can enjoy complimentary Priority Visa Infinite credit card privileges.  To check eligibility for the card, apply now!

The Standard Chartered Priority Visa Infinite credit card not only aims to complement your lifestyle, but improve it. Let us check out some of the exclusive features of this credit card that you truly deserve:

Get Rewarded for Travelling Abroad and Shopping

Travelling and shopping are perhaps some of the most fulfilling experiences for most users, however they have the tendency to make you feel the pinch. With the Standard Chartered Priority Visa Infinite credit card, you no longer have to feel guilty, as with every INR 100 you spend abroad or on retail fashion, you earn 5x rewards! If your guilty pleasure is not restricted to just shopping, then this credit card offers 2x reward points for every other type of spends.

Priority Pass Membership

Anyone who is a frequent traveller, be it for business purpose or for recreation, ends up spending long hours at the airport. When you are a Priority Visa Infinite credit card holder, you no longer have to wait uncomfortably for hours. You get four complimentary domestic airport lounge access every quarter on using your credit card. In addition to that, you also have the opportunity to access over 1000 airport lounges worldwide against a nominal fee when you get a Priority Pass membership. Indulge in the comfort provided by these lounges and block the chaos and noise of a busy airport. Snack on some complimentary pre-flight bites and drinks, and recharge your gadgets. In fact, you can use some of the Wi-Fi lounges as conference rooms for your business meetings. If you have had a long tiring journey, you have the option of going straight in for a spa with the Priority Pass membership. The best feature of getting this pass is that it is not just restricted to you, you can invite your friends and family members to enjoy the priority lounge experience.

Complimentary Overseas Insurance

Travelling can be a highly enjoyable experience. However, an unfortunate incident when on a trip can not only have consequences on your health but also on your and your family’s financial well-being. Thus, an increasing number of frequent travellers opt for overseas insurance. With the Standard Chartered Priority Visa Infinite credit card, you get complimentary overseas insurance with accident cover of INR 1.2 Crore and medical insurance worth USD 25,000. This is vital as many health insurance schemes do not provide cover across international boundaries.

Exclusive Lifestyle Offers

Standard Chartered understands that not every Priority customer is the same. Different people have different interests, hobbies, and passions; hence, a handful of offers are not enough to cover for a wide customer base. That is why, with the Standard Chartered Priority Visa Infinite credit cards, you have several different offers that you can avail of! From significant discounts at your favourite restaurants catering multiple cuisines to deals on holiday plans, golf lessons, hospitals and skin treatments across different cities, you will find them all and many more. Find the list of offers here!

In addition to these privileges, the Visa Infinite credit card provides all the latest features like supplementary credit cards, contactless credit cards, EMI options, quick loans on offer and more. It, thus, is indeed a comprehensive card that caters to all your needs and more. Explore the Priority Visa Infinite privileges now!


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